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When local institution Betelnut closed, Cow Hollow was collectively bummed. Where would they go for fun group dinners, or to eat the P.F. Chang’s menu without having to admit they went to P.F. Chang’s? Luckily, Flores opened up in Betelnut’s place, keeping the slightly rowdy vibe, but bringing with it much tastier food. In a neighborhood plagued with mostly boring food, this Mexican spot is bringing something refreshing.

Just like in the Betelnut days, the space is massive and a prime spot for a spontaneous group dinner where you might accidentally invite the person you just matched with on Tinder and they might actually show up. You should probably leave the parents at home (it can get pretty loud), but a date night here wouldn’t be out of the question. The menu covers everything from fish tacos to sopes, and while some dishes (especially the small plates) are outstanding, others are kind of forgettable. There’s a trick to getting Flores right, and we’re here to tell you what it is.

Flores review image

Start with a cocktail. They’re universally delicious. Next, load up on the guacamole, tuna tostadas, and save room for the carnitas and chili colorado. Also, unless you make a reservation, be prepared to wait a bit for your table—on weekend nights it’s so busy you’d think they were giving away Soulcycle classes.

Other downsides to the place: the service can be a hit or miss—drink refills don’t always show up and plates can take a long time (or an incredibly short time) to appear. The portions are either tiny or massive, and the prices skew relatively high.

But overall, Flores has filled the Betelnut-shaped hole in Cow Hollow—and then some. The revamped space is fun and the drinks are killer. Should you head across town to check it out? Probably not. But when you use Flores right, it’s an excellent place to be. 

Food Rundown

Tostadas de Atún

A phenomenal plate. Hearty amounts of tuna and avocado piled on crispy tostadas. Rich and wonderful and definitely a must-order.


These are some A+ carnitas. Not dry at all, perfectly cooked, and amazing with the beans and salsas. One of the best things on the menu and perfect to share.

Colorado Tacos

Hot damn. The short ribs are saucy and wonderful—this is our favorite thing on the menu.

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