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Finn Town

American in Castro

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You eat your healthy lunch every day, doing your due diligence and trying not to cry into your bowl of raw leaves in the process. But your body can only take so many kale salads. And when you’ve reached your breaking point, we suggest you turn to Finn Town. The restaurant/pub in the Castro has some next-level comfort food that will make you feel like you’re eating some very well-made family recipes - if your family was fancy enough to make a pot pie that wasn’t from the freezer section (no shame, Dad, those were still good).

Finn Town already feels like a Castro-y neighborhood place that’s been around for a long time. People seem to run into their friends here, the regulars are posted up at the bar, and the service is friendly without being overbearing. The vibe can be a little bro-y, but in less of a ‘check out my tank top’ and more of a ‘this burger is great and I love beer’ way. The space is mostly dark wood and dim lighting, with a bar in the front and a TV that plays old movies (not sports), and a second bar in the back that would be an ideal spot for solo fried chicken eating.

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There are enough healthier options to keep everyone happy, but the heartier, richer options tend to be better here. The sandwiches are excellent, as are the weekly specials, and the small plates are worth getting for the table (just know that portions are big and it’s easy to over-order).

Besides dinner, Finn Town does an excellent brunch that takes reservations and serves a late- night menu until 1:30am. Add all these factors up, and you have a real utility player for whenever you need to nourish yourself with something that isn’t macrobiotic and won’t leave you needing a snack an hour later. Unlike that kale salad you forced on yourself for lunch. Guess you know where you’re going for dinner tonight.

Food Rundown

Deviled Eggs

San Francisco city code 574 declares that all new American restaurants must serve deviled eggs. Finn Town’s are better than average, mostly because the hot sauce that comes with is super. Good for the table at brunch or dinner.

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Pan Seared Meatoaf

Chris Christie, if you’re looking to get some meatloaf on your own free will, this is probably better than whatever version they serve at Trump Tower. Actually we can guarantee that. The meatloaf is lamb, and seared to be crispy on the outside with an awesome minty sauce. It’s one of the best things on the menu.

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Finn Town’s ‘friendsgiving’ (sadly only an option on Thursdays) is a reason to celebrate Thanksgiving monthly - or weekly if you’re really dedicated. It’s a plate of juicy turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and a popover. It’s very, very good and will make you start counting the days until Thanksgiving or next Thursday.

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Braised Beets

For a break between all the heartiness, there are some vegetable options. The beets are a solid side and the buckwheat on them is a nice crunchy contrast. We’d get these again.

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Finn Town Burger

This is a strong, strong burger. Two patties plus special sauce and American cheese and pickles make it basically a next-level McDonald’s burger that you can proudly eat while making a huge mess. The fries are also quite good.

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Fried Chicken Sandwich

We at the Infatuation are huge cereal fans. Any and all kinds. Coating chicken with cornflakes and frying it? GREAT call. This is a top-notch sandwich due to the crispy coating and awesome slaw. At brunch they put the fried chicken in a benedict and it works there too.

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