This Berkeley deli plays up all the great things that can be done with well-seasoned, smoked meat. Classic reubens and deli sandwiches are an overstuffed dream between toasted rye bread. There are also hand-rolled bialys with pastrami and onion, housemade bagel breakfast sandwiches overflowing with thick pastrami slices, egg, and cheese, and huge pastrami-topped New York-style pizzas with beautiful charred crusts. This impressive world of pastrami carries into all the posters and framed illustrations covering Delirama’s walls. Wondering why there’s also an oversized pickle hanging above the cashier, a mini ship's wheel, and images of landscapes, dogs, and stags everywhere? Just go with it. You’re here to grab a sandwich, take a seat in the spacious dining room, and soak in this exciting pastrami fever dream.