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At Deli Board in SoMa, more is more. You usually do one protein in your sandwich? Cute. This takeout-only sandwich shop mashes together two or three at a time, so you’ll get a layer of bacon atop your tuna salad or corned beef, pastrami, and salami all in one well-stuffed roll. Everything is slathered in Board sauce (a mustard-ranch-ketchup situation), or the creamy mayonnaise-based Mick sauce. Even the pickles, which come on the side of any order, are golf ball-sized juice bombs. 

The menu changes often—there are daily specials that lean even more over-the-top than the more consistent standards (including some that arrive with a piping hot side of liquid cheese). You could spend hours staring at the menu and debating whether you should get brisket or corned beef on top of your pastrami. But whatever you do, make sure your sandwich includes pastrami. The slightly fattier romanian pastrami and the regular version are both sliced until paper-thin, and it’s so tender you could break off a piece with a wooden spork. 

Most of the sandwiches will run you $18-23 apiece and are loaded with enough decadence to send a cardiologist into a stupor—so you’re probably not coming here on the daily. But when you’re in desperate need of a day-making sandwich that’ll also fill you up for the next nine hours, get here.

The tables and ordering counter inside Deli Board

Food Rundown


A rule of thumb when scanning the Deli Board menu: if the word “pastrami” is involved, order the sandwich. This one is our favorite: it’s piled high with sauerkraut, cherry peppers for a tiny kick, and gooey swiss that pulls apart in a borderline seductive way.


Another pastrami heavy hitter, but this one also has a helping of brisket, because this is Deli Board so of course it does. It’s meaty, it’s rich as hell, and it won’t disappoint.


Not in the mood for pastrami? Agree to disagree. But this tuna salad sandwich is a solid non-beef option—it comes with bacon and a handful of sprouts. For balance.

Curly Fries

A damn good box of curly fries. Crispy, light, and best after a good drag through the side of creamy Mick sauce.

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