Craftsman and Wolves

If pastries had their own museum—and they should—Craftsman and Wolves would be prominently placed in the modern wing. Among icons of the form, like the Cronut and Pop Tarts, would be a shiny glass cube devoted to the geometric inventions of this little shop on Valencia. For while the Tartine empire churns out the most delicious bread in the world, and B. Patisserie is making moves on the kouign-amann throne, Craftsman and Wolves are the most inventive dough-slingers in town.

The ethos is captured in their most famous Instagram creation: the Rebel Within. An egg inside a sausage-cheese-onion muffin? With the yolk still gooey? People will be taking little square pictures of this thing for decades to come. Sure, half the time it’s been sitting around and the egg has chilled to unpleasant temperatures (make to sure to ask for it heated), but you have to respect the ingenuity, the sheer gall to make such a thing.

Look, you can get croissants anywhere. Sometimes we all get caught up in the rat race of which version is flakiest or lightest or most perfectly buttery. But there is only one place you can get the sh*t they’re cooking up at Craftsman and Wolves. And that’s why we keep going back.

Food Rundown

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Rebel Within

In case you didn’t catch our drift above, we don’t think this is the best thing here. But it doesn’t really matter what we say though, because you’re gonna buy this just to cut it in half and take a kickass picture.

Craftsman and Wolves review image

Chocolate Cookie

A pretty tasty cookie. Not winning any competitions, but you won’t be mad.

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