Tapas restaurants are a lot like rain. Now that you’re beyond confused, but need to know the answer, allow us to explain. When rain falls from the sky, it doesn’t land in random clusters, it’s equally distributed from one drop to the next. That’s how tapas places are too. There are a bunch of them perfectly spaced out around the city for easy access, which means that one of them has to be on the Embarcadero. That role is filled by Coqueta. The food here is good and they have classics like jamon and albondigas, but a large perk of this place is that it’s on the water (assuming there’s no fog blocking the view). It can get crowded with business people after work hours, so if you’re set on coming here, try to snag a reservation first. But if you can’t get one and need Spanish food after you leave the office, there’ll be another tapas place not that far away - that’s not our opinion, it’s math.