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The Marina had been lacking in top-notch brunch spots—until Causwells and its epic brunch burger swooped into the neighborhood in 2014 with on-point morning eats. Years later, this American bistro is still serving one of our favorite brunches in town.

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The brunch food at this casual, inviting restaurant is everything from mini biscuits and gravy, to chilaquiles, egg plates, and an awesome burger. The burger comes two ways: the Americana burger is two smash-style patties with American cheese, some magic Thousand Island-y sauce, and pickles; while the brunch burger is one patty with cheese, bacon, and a fried egg. Both are serious contenders for best burger in the city, and this is not a thing we say lightly. Fresh ground beef, a sturdy but not hard but not soggy bun and the special sauce are the keys. You need a burger on your table.

Causwells has a great wine and beer list, a new cocktail menu, and manages to make really good Bloody Marys. For maximum enjoyment, try to grab an outdoor table where you’ll observe the stroller derby that is this side of Chestnut Street, or grab a seat at the bar. Besides an excellent brunch, Causwells runs a solid weekday lunch situation and a pretty good dinner too. We’re glad to have you, Causwells.

Food Rundown

Americana Burger

As noted above, this is a beautiful thing and it’s hard to pick between the brunch burger and the Americana. Well-cooked, quality beef, you need to eat this at least once in your life.

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Deviled Eggs

These are very good deviled eggs, which are topped with smoked paprika. They are three per order, so come prepared to not want to share.

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Housemade Ricotta

Ricotta is an underrated cheese, and Causwells whips it to a light consistency that is the stuff of angel wings. So we presume.

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Brunch Burger

Sometimes you want two things at once. Causwells’ brunch burger is the ideal vehicle for having your eggs and bacon while eating a burger too. The combination of the perfectly-fried egg, crispy-but-not-burnt bacon, high-quality meat, and super-melted cheese is incredible.

Causwells review image

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