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Like the side dishes at Thanksgiving dinner, sometimes it’s the supporting characters that make something great (looking at you, mashed potatoes). This idea also rings true at Breadbelly, a daytime bakery and cafe in the Richmond. Their kaya toast, topped with bright green squiggles of coconut pandan jam, has been a mainstay on our social media feeds since Breadbelly opened in 2018. And yes, toast this delicious deserves all the fame—but everything else, from the pastries to the sandwiches, is what also makes this place shine.

Breadbelly’s Asian-inspired menu changes pretty frequently, which is part of why coming here is so exciting—there’s always something new to try. You’ll marvel at the extensive list of daily sweet and savory pastries, which includes a soft milk bun that explodes with silky sweet coconut pandan cream when you bite into it. Or if you come by on a weekend, you can get into even more of their seasonal rotating specials, like a not-too-sweet macadamia nut croissant tart with delightful caramelized edges. Around lunchtime, opt for bigger dishes, like a surprisingly light char siu sandwich so big it fills an entire takeout box. We also keep coming back for the egg salad “bunwich,” which is made with crunchy bits of tempura for extra texture. Sure, narrowing down your options will be a test of self-restraint. But if it’s your first time, starting off with the kaya toast is a foolproof plan for success.

Food Rundown

Kaya Toast

You’ve probably seen the kaya toast on your Instagram feed at some point since Breadbelly opened—and it’s as delicious as it is photogenic. A slice of milk bread is decorated with a squiggle of green coconut-pandan jam and finished with flaky salt, giving it an excellent balance of sweet and savory flavors.

Char Siu Sando

If you’re coming by Breadbelly for lunch, this sandwich is a fantastic option. For starters, it’s massive. It’s also stuffed with a generous amount of glazed char siu, cucumbers, lettuce, and red onion. Thick slices of toasted milk bread hold it all together perfectly.

Kakiage Egg Salad Bunwich

Creamy egg salad, lightly battered tempura, and cucumber pickles make this one of our favorite sandwiches on the menu. The kakiage gives every bite a nice added crunch.

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