Bonita Taqueria y Rotisserie

Will TNT keep churning out new crime series season after season? Yes. Will San Francisco keep opening tasty if unoriginal Mexican restaurants until the end of time? Yes. And you know what? Sometimes we actually tune in to Bones, and sometimes we actually care to try another Mexican place, even if it’s not the most exciting spot in the city. Bonita is a TNT crime drama of a restaurant. The food is tasty, but there’s a little bit of a cheapness to it that makes it seem like it might not make it more than a few seasons. But we’ll enjoy it while it lasts, and even encourage other people to hop on the bandwagon.

The setup is order at the counter, take a number, and wait for your food, which generally comes out pretty quickly. After that, you’ll grab a bar seat – the ones on the sidewalk are stellar for wasting a warm afternoon eating chips and drinking sangria and watching the Chestnut Street humans.

Bonita’s food is a little hit or miss. The menu is pretty standard Mexican, with salads, tacos, burritos, bowls, and fajitas, plus quesadillas and sides. The carne asada, carnitas, and rotisserie chicken are all usually great, but the chicken can be kind of dry and the pastorcito is devastatingly salty. The portions are big, especially the bowls and awesome salads, and they have a strong take-out game as well. But sometimes stuff just doesn’t work out: orders get messed up, or your salad is mostly just bottom ends of romaine. This is TNT quality service. WE WANT AMC QUALITY.

When we’re in the neighborhood, Bonita is a good option for a quick burrito and beer in a place that’s a little happier than Toma and a lot easier than the other Mexican options around. It’s definitely not going to win any awards, but Bonita knows how to satisfy its audience.

Food Rundown


This is…not great. It’s generally over-spiced and over-limed. Stick with chips and salsa or guacamole and you’ll be much happier.

Nor-Cal Bowl

You’ve been to Chipotle, so you understand that sometimes it’s better to eat things in bowls than in wraps. Less mess, theoretically less carbs, except this guy has roasted potatoes in it and it’s bomb.

La Campesina Ensalada

We’ve used up the metaphors of what delicious sauces can make taste good (bike tires, cardboard, Umami Burger, etc.). I’ll go a step further: I would consider licking the cilantro dressing for this salad off the sidewalk. In the Tenderloin. It’s delicious crack. Also add the rotisserie chicken and you will be delighted.

Street Tacos

We are strong believers in the restorative and curative powers of salt. Tears, the ocean, and salt licks all work wonders for people. The smallish street tacos here are simple and great, but the pastorcito version is way too salty. Go with the carne asada or carnitas.

Bonita Burrito

Again, the carne asada is an excellent choice here. The Bonita burrito comes with all the extras, and it’s the second best burrito in the neighborhood.