Basa Seafood Express

When you walk into this counter-service seafood spot in the Mission, you’ll see long deli cases filled with everything from sushi and oysters to sandwiches and rice bowls. But we always swing by Basa Seafood Express to grab a takeout tray of poke, which is the best in San Francisco.

A winning combination of super fresh fish and simple preparation is what makes this poke something that we could write endless romantic haikus about. You’ve got three options: spicy salmon, shoyu salmon, or shoyu tuna, and each tray is about half the price of what you’d pay for at any other poke spot in town. The reigning champion of them all is the spicy salmon. For just $7.50, you get buttery-soft fish bathed in a creamy sauce that has a really nice kick. There are also red and green onions mixed in, along with two scoops of tobiko to top it all off.

Food Rundown

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photo credit: Julia Chen

Spicy Salmon Poke

The brightly-colored poke is the highlight of any visit here. The soft salmon is spicy and refreshing from the little chunks of red onion. You won’t find a better tray of fish in the city.

Shoyu Tuna Poke

A lighter option that’s also delicious. The shoyu sauce is just salty enough and seasons the fish perfectly.

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