Ace Wasabi Rock-N-Roll Sushi

Hanging near the front door of Ace Wasabi is a sign in all caps proclaiming, “HOT CHICKS LOVE SUSHI.” The sign is a pretty good indicator of what you’re walking into: an energetic place where you can throw back sake bombs and Myoko Mules and eat shrimp tempura rolls with the embroidered vest crowd. If you’re in the market for a meal that’s also an always-happening scene, this Marina spot is as good as any.  

As for the food, it’s solid across the board. The sashimi plates and Aburi-style (torched) toro, scallop, and hamachi nigiri melt in your mouth, and are a great way to start things off. And the signature rolls with music-inspired names (Spice Girls, Post Malone, Rocket Man) mainly feature tempura shrimp. They likely won't disappoint, primarily because it's impossible to mess up anything that ends up fried or doused in spicy aioli anyway. (You can also order a sampler of four of Ace Wasabi’s most popular rolls, which, like the rest of the menu, is ideal for sharing with a lot of people.) But skip the small plates, like the wagyu gyoza and chicken karaage, which are lacking in flavor and generally underwhelming. 

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photo credit: Krescent Carasso

The private back room that’s great for groups and daily Happy Hour with a $10 shot and roll combo make Ace Wasabi a consistent option for birthday celebrations or filling up and pre-gaming before a Friday night bull ride at Westwood. You’re not coming here for the best sushi in the city. You’re here to have a fun time, feed off of the energy of a constantly-packed dining room, and probably get f*cking drunk. And on those fronts—especially when it comes to the drinks—Ace Wasabi delivers.

Food Rundown

Chicken Karaage

These are made with chicken breast and, unfortunately, are more reminiscent of chicken tenders than karaage. You can skip this.

Aburi-Style Nigiri

You have a bunch of options here, but whatever fish you go with will get seared to create a melty flavor bomb. Getting at least one per person is a great way to start things off.

Rocket Man

The Rocket Man comes with snow crab, seared hamachi, jalapeño, and, like most other rolls on the menu, tempura shrimp and spicy aioli. It’s balanced and ends with a pleasant kick. Get at least one to share.


This roll with a rainbow of crab, salmon, avocado, and tuna is on the sweeter side thanks to the freshwater eel and soy glaze, and is a nice palate cleanser after the saltier appetizers and small plates.

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