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Where to Eat Near AT&T Park

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Where to Eat Near AT&T Park

You’re going to a Giants game. If it’s at night, it’s usually during dinner hours, and as convenient as it may be to eat a bread bowl full of chowder inside a baseball stadium, sometimes you want to eat non-ballpark food. It’s also nice to not have to swat away seagulls with your soft pretzel. And to be able to stuff your hands in your pockets to keep them from going numb at a post 5 p.m. game. Here are some of our go-to lunch and dinner spots in the area. Go Giants.

The Spots


PERFECT FOR: PRE-GAME SANDWICHES || Merigan is only open until 7 p.m. during the week, so hit it up before the game to get good carb lining on your stomach before imbibing $10 beers.


PERFECT FOR: BEER WITH A SIDE OF FOOD || It can get crowded, but the beer is local and interesting, and the eats are much more than you’d expect from a brewery. The Cubano and burgers are the jam. Also, don’t let shyness prevent you from getting the "Hell Or Hight Watermelon" beer. It's f*cking excellent.


The Iron Cactus

683 4th St

PERFECT FOR: "I'M SO HUNGRY I WILL EAT WHATEVER YOU GIVE ME" MEXICAN || Could this be a bar in Milwaukee? Perhaps. But it’s close to the park, serves up tasty Mexican on the cheap, and food is out fast. The quesadillas are our favorite thing here.



130 Townsend St

PERFECT FOR: "MEZCAL TACOS AND $13 QUESO" MEXICAN || Tres is swanky Mexican. You are in a real restaurant, and you will get really tasty food for your efforts. The tacos are bomb and the brussels sprouts with pine nuts are a fun surprise. Ole bitches.



564 4th St

PERFECT FOR: #MEEEEETS || Cockscomb is the spot for when you want to have an excellent meal and are prepared to eat any and all parts of any and all animals. Get weird. The bacon chop is f*cking incredible.


Brickhouse Cafe

426 Brannan St

PERFECT FOR: PRETTY DAMN GOOD BAR FOOD || The kale and quinoa salads are awesome, and the yellowtail sandwich is one of the better fancy pub sandwiches around. They take reservations, so if you’re one of those planner types, keep Brickhouse in your back pocket. PLANS.


Hard Water

Pier 3

PERFECT FOR: UPPING YOUR BAC || Whiskey flights and delightful cocktails to get you nice and buzzed before you brave the crowds. Hard Water even has a game day takeout menu, so if you want to drink inside and eat on the street, it's an option.


Darwin Cafe

212 Ritch St

PERFECT FOR: WINE AND CHEESE AND ICE CREAM || The three major food groups are all well covered here, plus interesting snacks and small plates so you can start with them and still have room for house some garlic fries in the 4th inning.


PERFECT FOR: SHELLFISH, THE REAL AMERICAN PASTIME || Nothing says baseball season like salty bivalves. Later in the day can be a good time to hit Hog Island in the Ferry Building since the tourist crowd tends to be gone. Especially good if you are trying to convince people to move here.



330 Townsend St.

PERFECT FOR: PRE-BASEBALL DATE NIGHT || Deviled eggs. Just order them when you sit down. Besides that, the space is cool, the scene is happening, and it’s going to be an enjoyable meal. Nothing mind-blowing, but nothing disappointing, and either way, the cocktails are tasty and strong.

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