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Where To Eat In The Sunset

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Where To Eat In The Sunset

The Sunset has a somewhat grim name and an occasionally (okay, frequently) foggy vibe. But if you get out to Ocean Beach, San Francisco feels like a completely different city. A cleaner, more natural, perhaps more beautiful city.

The food is pretty great, too. Quality Asian options permeate the neighborhood, along with three of our favorite ten bakeries in town. (Must be something in the humid air?) The Sunset is one of the most underrated dining ‘hoods in town.

We rarely feel alone or at peace in SF, unless we’re in the Sunset. If you don’t know, now you know.

The Spots


Trouble Coffee

4033 Judah St

A few doors down from Outerlands, Trouble Coffee specializes in toast and coconuts. Just what you’d expect. The super thick toast is drowned in butter and cinnamon sugar and is literally a slice of heaven. We’ve checked. To wash it down, you can also get an entire fresh coconut to drink out of. You’re near the beach, just go with it.



3655 Lawton St

Most of the time on the weekends there is a line out the door at Andytown. And it’s because the coffee is perfect and they serve excellent soda bread scones as well as a weird but delicious drink called the Snowy Plover, that combines espresso with sparkling water and whipped cream. Not a ton of seating, but you will survive.


Twisted Donuts and Coffee

1241 Noriega St

Weird donut flavors? Oh, we got weird donut flavors. Maple bacon, nutella with walnuts, and cookies and cream are often on offer. The classics are also well represented if you prefer an apple fritter or a plain glazed. It’s hard to argue that you should trek out to Twisted, but, if you’re around, it’s hard to argue that you shouldn’t go.


Arizmendi Bakery

1331 9th Ave

Bread loaves for days. A daily rotating slice of mostly vegetarian pizza. Scones. That’s right, it’s a dose of Berkeley, dropped on your doorstep in the Sunset. Go forth and enjoy.



4001 Judah St.

Beachy vibes and bomb brunch are what bring us to Outerlands. The grilled cheese for lunch is a pro move, as is getting there a little bit before they open on the weekends. No one likes waiting for their carbs on a Sunday morning.


The best breakfast sandwich in the city can be found here. It’s on a biscuit and it is everything you need. It’s served all day, so you’re covered for breakfast or lunch. They also churn out incredible pastries, so grab a bag of cookies while you’re there. Take note – this is pretty much a take out/sit on the benches outside operation.


Some of our favorite by-the-slice pizza around, The Pizza Place is a neighborhood institution. It’s super casual and a little sleepy, but that doesn’t stop them from making delicious New York-style pizza. We usually stick with classic cheese or margherita, but you really can’t go wrong. There are gluten free and vegan options too if you choose to live on that side of the fence.


Standard Mexican fare from the people behind Nick’s and Tacko. We’re all about the street tacos here, especially the carnitas and carne asada. Taco Shop is an excellent place to watch sports, and to really pad their resume, they also serve pretty great breakfast burritos on the weekends.



3906 Judah St

ALERT ALERT VEGAN AND RAW FOOD THIS WAY. Yes, the homing beacon has been turned on, sprint to Judahlicious. The super chill corner spot is ideal for casual breakfast, lunch, or early dinner when you want to eat healthy food that is also tasty. The acai bowls are huge and delicious and the “No Shirt, No Shoes” is a sort of upscale burrito bowl that we are all about.


Wiiiiiings. Dry fried wings, to be precise. There’s other food, but wouldn’t you rather just eat a mind-bogglingly large pile of delicious chicken wings? Yup.


Yummy Yummy

1015 Irving St

We love meaty broth pho, particularly as the days turn wintry here. They also serve great salt & pepper crab, carpaccio, and fried rolls that you can dip in sauce. It’s a Vietnamese smorgasbord.



1283 9th Ave

Ebisu has been around for 30 years. You better believe this is some incredible sushi to have that kind of staying power. The uni is incredible, and the 49er roll is always on the table. They don’t take reservations, so plan accordingly.



408 Irving St

All the fish at this surprisingly hopping sushi spot is on point. Get the Spoonful of Happiness. It contains uni and comes with a shot of sake, so joy is guaranteed. The best move here is to sit at the sushi bar, watch the chefs work their fish and rice magic, and enjoy. And get some mochi ice cream for dessert.


Xi’an? Shaanxi? Do these words mean anything to you? Even if they don’t, they should. The city (Xi’an) and the province (Shaanxi) are the most delicious thing to happen to Chinese food since Americans discovered the Sichuan province. The noodles are popping and the spices are kicking…you’ll enjoy it.


Izakaya Sozai

1500 Irving St

Yakitori action + pork broth ramen? You know we’re interested. Sozai executes Japanese drinking food with the best of them. Don’t sleep on the bacon-wrapped mochi, either, they’re absurd yet delicious.



1224 9th Ave

We’ve had some ups and down at Nopalito, but when you want somewhat-upscale Mexican in a room with atmosphere, there’s nothing better. Totopos con chile are the move to start your meal.



3814 Noriega St

All the Korean Big Group classics are on offer. Giant bubbling stews, bulgogi, kimchi fried rice, and…more chicken wings. It’s hosted in a converted garage, which makes for a good atmosphere.


Polly Ann Ice Cream

3138 Noriega St

They have a magic wheel that spins and picks ice cream flavors for you. This can be great (blackberry) or not so great (durian AKA gasoline fruit). We’d suggest picking your own, and trying out as many flavors as you can.

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