SF Restaurants With Meal Kits For Takeout & Delivery

Looking for a great way to spend your evening? Give one of these 20 meal kits a shot.

One thing that has changed since the pandemic began - our slowly deteriorating sense of past, present, and future (seriously, what is time). One thing that hasn’t changed is how many hours we’re all spending hunkered down inside. So if you’re looking for something to do - and something good to eat - we have just the thing: meal kits. Below you’ll find 20 DIY meal kits from restaurants in SF and the East Bay, so you can make everything from cheesy pizzas to soba noodles.

The Kits

Flour + Water’s Flour + Water Pasta Shop has everything from tagliatelle bolognese to squash tortellini pasta kits (for $4 more, you can add garlic bread to the kit). The pasta shop recently started offering margherita pizza kits which come with two balls of dough. Everything is available for pick up daily from 12-6pm.

The Arab bakery is offering meal kits (serves two to five people, depending on the size you get) that range from garlic chicken brined in labneh to spicy stuffed branzino. Check online for the latest meal kit schedule. Oakland pick-up locations are at their Fruitvale restaurant or at Alkali Rye. You can also pick up meal kits out of their spot in the Mission.

The French bakery has frozen editions of their delicious pastries that are ready to bake at home - pains au chocolat, croissants, cinnamon buns, seasonal scones, and kouign-amanns. They offer brownie and cookie mixes, too. Place an order here for pick up from all Le Marais locations around the city.

In the time it’ll take for your homemade pizza dough rise (and then have to start over when it doesn’t), you can just pick up a pizza kit from Pizzeria Delfina. It comes with three fresh dough balls, sauce, mozzarella, and basil. They’re also offering pasta kits with frozen pomodoro, amatriciana, and bolognese sauces. Place an order online for pick up at both their Mission and Pacific Heights locations.

The rigatoni amatriciana pasta kit from Che Fico Alimentari comes with fresh rigatoni, guanciale, pomodoro, seasoning, and pecorino (kit serves two to three people). Their site also has a ton of meats and cheeses for a build-your-own charcuterie board, ready-to-bake pastas, and more.

The Nob Hill restaurant has a $200 five-course tasting menu kit for two that comes with everything you need to put it all together, reheat, and plate. Right now, their tasting menu kit includes everything from confit scallops and beef short ribs with burrata to lemon meringue pie. Order here.

If you feel like giving your microwave a hard-earned break tonight, order a meal kit from Nopalito. They’ve got totopos and our favorite carnitas for two. Order online for pick up or delivery from their Broderick location (their 18th Street location only has the carnitas kit for pick up and delivery).

Making pizza dough from scratch is an involved process - but if you want the satisfaction of a homemade pie, get a build-your-own pizza kit from Fiorella. They serve two or four, and come with all the ingredients and toppings you need to channel your dough-spinning alter ego (aptly named Shredder). They also have a spritz cocktail kit ($22.50/$45) to go along with your pizza.

You could try making your own dry rub from scratch, or you could save yourself time by ordering a family dinner from Mastro’s. Their steak dinner at-home meal kit includes a pre-seasoned steak, plus Caesar salad, sides, and butter cake. You can get them for two to four people. Order online for pick up or delivery.

Mezcalito has batched passion fruit and watermelon margaritas (for which we are extremely grateful), and a variety of meal kits with different kinds of meats - grilled chicken, beef picadillo, chicken tinga, carne asada, al pastor, and carnitas. Each serves two to three people. Order here.


Del Popolo

$$$$(415) 589-7940
Hours:FRIDAY5:30PM to 11:00PM

Del Popolo has make-your-own pizza kits available through Take Home (order here). Each kit serves one, and includes dough and either salami, guanciale, or Calabrian chilis. They also have a ton of add-ons like black olives, anchovies, onions.

Nopa imageoverride image


Hours:FRIDAY5:00PM to 1:00AM

The takeout menu at Nopa frequently changes, but they’re always offering a few meal kits to-go, like a brioche burger bun kit (you have to order the beef patties separately). They also have cook-at-home items like country pork chop and a half brined chicken. Place orders here starting at 1pm for pick up and delivery Tuesday through Saturday, 5-9pm.

If you’re someone who gets sudden, intense cravings for paella, Canela has got you covered. They’re offering seafood and chorizo, chorizo and chicken, and vegan paella kits ($28-$55) for up to four people, and tapas from their regular menu. And don’t let your lack of an appropriately-sized paella pan stop you - they’re also selling those for $22.50.

We like the carnitas from Loló, and we like them even more now that we can pick them up in kit form and eat them in our sweatpants. They’ve got chicken tinga and carnitas sets (serves two), which includes sides of rice, refried beans, and more. Order here for pick up.

We might not be able to buy tickets for Lazy Bear’s tasting menu and sit down with a group at their communal tables right now, but we can still order a meal to go. They have weekly-changing dinner kits, like grilled sticky ribs or pork shoulder (serves two) to walk-ins only. You can also pick up desserts, pantry items, and cocktails for takeout. Check their updated menu on Instagram.

We love dim sum. Like, a lot. So much that we’ve tried using garbage can tops as Lazy Susans for our frozen Trader Joe’s gyoza (which did not work very well). A much better method: order frozen dumplings from Palette Tea House. They’re offering xiao long bao, siu mai, BBQ pork bao, and more for pick up. All you have to do is steam them at home.

Rosamunde in the Mission is offering a family pack of four ready-to-cook sausages, which comes with french rolls, potato salad, and peppers. Order for pick up or delivery here.

We can’t spend an afternoon basking in Soba Ichi’s peaceful dining room in West Oakland, but at least we can order some of their fresh, hand-cut buckwheat noodles to-go. They’re $20, serve two, and come with their delicious dashi dipping sauce. Call 510-465-1969 to order for pick up Thursday to Sunday, 12-3pm.

The only thing more exciting than eating a bacon, egg, and cheese bagel is making one (and then eating it). And these days we’ll do literally anything to save us from spending an entire day going down a TikTok rabbit hole. Daily Driver is offering DIY kits - pizza bagels, gravlax sandwiches, a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup kit, and more.

Augie’s Montreal Deli

Congrats, you made bread! But if you want something other than Land O’Lakes to eat it with, order all the meats from Augie’s. They’re selling brisket, smoked turkey, and pastrami burgers, and coleslaw and pickles (vegetables, so you can have a well-balanced meal) out of their new location off University Avenue in Berkeley.

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