The San Francisco Pizza Delivery Guide

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You want pizza, you don’t want to have to go outside to get it, and your loved ones, friends, coworkers, and/or fellow Settlers of Catan game night participants are all counting on you to nail the critical task of picking the right delivery spot. This is exactly the kind of very difficult problem we can help you solve. Our guide has all the information you need for a crowd-pleasing experience - even if that crowd is actually just you on your couch.

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the spots


2339 Clement St

We love hanging out at Fiorella. But sometimes you just can’t summon up the energy to put on shoes in order to nourish yourself. When that’s how you feel, order up a clam pie and call it a night. Besides the clam, the margherita and salsiccia pizzas are always on our list. Nice charred crust, not too greasy, and overall, some of our favorite pizza in SF.

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Delfina is the most consistently strong delivery pizza place in the game. Whether you’re getting it in the Mission, Pac Heights, or the Peninsula, it’s never soggy, the cheese hasn’t slid off to form a greasy pile in the corner of the box, and they give you enough sausage or broccoli rabe per pizza to feed at least two hungry people. We love the salsiccia and the margherita.

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Pizzeria Avellino

2769 Lombard St

Avellino is one of the few places around here that does consistently great pizza by the slice, a la New York City corner spots. The slices are massive, the cheese is evenly spread and toasty, and the crust is just soft enough to fold. Not fancy, but sometimes just what you need. What you also need is the cheesy bread, because it doesn’t get its own delivery guide but it deserves some time to shine.


145 2nd St

You may not have realized that New Jersey has its own style of pizza, but this place will set you straight with its “Trenton tomato pie” (which has sauce on top of the cheese). We particularly like the pepperoni pizzas here - and we’re also suckers for the burrata margherita. They’re quite generous with their toppings, so you can pretty much expect at least a pound of meat on your pizza. Just a heads up so you can prep your stomach accordingly.

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Casey’s Pizza

1170 4th St

Casey’s used to be a pizza truck, and it was awesome. Now it has a brick and mortar, and it’s still awesome. They will also bring their awesome pizza directly to your home, and you should take full advantage of that. The Zoe Pepperoni is always in our order. Not the cheapest place around, but it’s worth paying a few extra dollars for close to perfect pizza.

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1001 Minnesota St

You optimistically bought some mushrooms at the market over the weekend. But at this point, cooking a gourmet meal has sunk below “clean out the cupboard under the bathroom sink” on your to-do list - and it’s only Monday. Get the mushroom pizza from Piccino instead. We’re big fans of this place, and while that pie is our favorite, the margherita and whatever seasonal options they have are also generally strong. Extra key for delivery is the very thin crust that holds up without getting soggy.

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Bernal Heights
3299 Mission St.

One of the best things about delivery from PizzaHacker is not having to walk into a place called “PizzaHacker,” but still being able to eat their delicious food. They have managed to hack the crust to an incredibly well-done state, crispy and airy without being burnt, and they know what they’re doing with toppings, too - the “Rocket Man,” with arugula and an egg, is excellent, as is the “Yo Vinny!” (with sausage, onions, and peppers).

The pies here have a thick, doughy crust that’s incredibly satisfying. If you’re a fan of prosciutto and arugula pies, Pink Onion has an outstanding example of that genre. And the meat-heavy “Tyson Punch Out,” despite its aggressive name, is also very good.

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510 Stevenson St

If you insist on getting technical, Montesacro serves “pinsas,” not pizzas. They’re oval-shaped, with a slightly-airer-than-normal crust that has a nice char to it. We recommend the ’njuda pinsa, the margherita, or the maranella, with spicy sausage, broccolini, and straciatella.

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Pauline’s is for those who don’t want their crust blackened or their pizzas topped with things like arugula, hen of the woods mushrooms, nettles, etc. Order from here if you want something classic, simple, and tasty. The pesto pizza (with no red sauce) is pretty great, but if you’re with a group of carnivorous friends, go for the Italian combo. Of course, you could also just get both.

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Vegan pizza is something typically used to lure people to wellness conventions and trick children into eating vegetables. But even though as non-vegans, we tend to stick to the cheese and meat choices here, we’re happy with the vegan option too - mostly because the pesto is so good. Pizza Place reminds us of the pizza of our ’90s suburban childhood, in the best way possible.

Yes, we’re fully aware this is a pizza delivery guide; however, we’d be doing you a disservice if we didn’t point out that you also need to get a side of burrata when you order from Il Casaro. It’s imported and phenomenal, just like Tsukiji Market tuna and Celine Dion. Pie-wise, the broccoli and salsiccia is the right choice.

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Deep dish pizza is not for everyone. Some object to calling it pizza at all - while others are mortally offended by the suggestion of its illegitimacy. We’ll let New Yorkers and Chicagoans duke that out, and just say that Little Star does our favorite deep dish in the city (particularly the “Little Star” pie, with spinach and ricotta). Apart from being delicious, it also stands up very well to being put in a box and transported via Scoot/car/hoverboard. They do have thin-crust pizza too, but we’d advise you to go big.

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