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The Best Late Night Eats In San Francisco

Whether you want to inhale a burrito, grab bites at the bar, or sit down for a full-on meal, here’s a guide to the best food you can get after-hours.

It’s ten o’clock. Do you know where your children are? Hopefully, they don’t exist yet, and you’re still out and about. And maybe you need something to eat. Joke’s on you, because 90% of restaurants in San Francisco send their chefs home at 9. Gotta wake up early for a bike ride.

Thankfully, there are a ton of gems among the 10% that stay open late. Whether you want to inhale a burrito, grab bites at the bar, or sit down for a full-on dinner, here’s a guide to the best food you can get after-hours. Thank us in the morning.

The Spots

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15 Romolo


15 Romolo Pl, San Francisco
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Open Until: 1am Sun-Sat

If getting something to eat is more of a hiccup to your night than a bookend, head to 15 Romolo in North Beach. This place feels much more like a noisy bar than a restaurant, and that’s because it’s much more of a noisy bar than a restaurant. But the kitchen is open until 1am, and you’ll feel just as at home ordering a well drink here as a well-made cocktail. If sharing is what you’re doing, there are things like a charcuterie board and deviled eggs, but you’re here way passed your bedtime - get the burger.

Open Until: 11pm Tues-Thurs, 12am Fri-Sat

Sometimes drinking can make you okay with settling for something quick and easy, but other times it gives you the courage to go to a place you’ve been holding off on going to for a while. When it’s the latter, walk into Che Fico on Divis. It can be tough to get a reservation or go when normal people eat, but they’re open late, so just sit at the bar, order one of their excellent pizzas, and enjoy it with a glass of wine.

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Open Until: 1am Sun-Sat

Even if you didn’t grow up in the 80s, Coin-Op will take you back to your teenage years, real or imagined. This bar is gigantic and filled with arcade games like Donkey Kong and Frogger, and they have a ton of craft beers and fun cocktails, too. Most importantly, the kitchen stays open until 1am, which means that you can still eat well once you finish a legendary Pacman run. Split some chicken wings with your friends, but maybe wash your hands before going back to playing Galaga.

Open Until: 12am Sun-Wed

Maybe your deadline got moved up and you finally finished up at 10:00pm, or you have a friend in town for one night on a layover. Either way, if you’re in Dogpatch, School Night is where to go. They’re only open Sunday through Wednesday, but they make the days they’re open worth it with great drinks and bar food. Depending on your level of alcohol intake, you could be fine with a few tacos, but if the night runs a little longer than expected, go for the queso fonduta, too.

Open Until: 1am Sun-Sat

This place has a lot of uses, from getting cocktails while waiting on a table at Nopa to catching up with a few friends on a weeknight. It’s also great for late-night food. The kitchen is open until 1am, and you can get things like a kale salad and kimchi mac and cheese, but the fried chicken should be priority number one. It’s a little sweet and goes great with a rum and whiskey El Comandante.

Open Until: 24/7

Donuts are usually something you eat at breakfast, or while fake browsing at a car dealership, but at Bob’s Donuts you can walk in at 4am since it’s open 24 hours a day. Go plain classic donut if you want - they’re puffy and amazing - but odds are you want a maple buttermilk bar or an apple fritter instead. Grab a chocolate milk from the fridge and enjoy while you cool down after leaving Harper and Rye next door.

Open Until: 12am Sun-Thurs, 1am Fri-Sat

Noodles are a messy move late-night, especially if you’re a few drinks in. Don’t care. King of Thai does an absurdly cheap and very solid pad thai.

Open Until: 2am Sun-Sat

Skip the Manimal fries and practice some restraint with the namesake Trick Dog hot dog and a kale salad, which is surprisingly excellent here. Of course you’ve been here for drinks, but they make decent food, too. Elbow your way into a space at the side bar and dig in.

Open Until: 12am Sun-Thurs, 1am Fri-Sat

One of the best restaurants in San Francisco and hands down the best place you can sit down and have a full meal until 1am. Flatbread, pasta, pork chop, you can’t go wrong. But seriously, if you’re out this late, odds are you’ll want a burger and theirs is nothing short of amazing.

Open Until: 2am Sun-Sat

Rough night? Walk into the unmarked corner den that is Brazen Head in Cow Hollow. Order up some escargot and steak with a martini or four. Consume more butter than you ever would sober, eat all the bread, repeat as necessary.

Open Until: 1am Sun-Sat

Great location on a Mission corner, strong cocktails, and a good crowd make this an ideal late-night dinner location. We usually skip the pizzas due to their sub-par crusts and go with the small plates instead. Or four orders of the burrata with walnut bread and truffle-honey.

Open Until: 12am Sun-Sat

If you’re near Union Square and need some late-night sustenance, we’d steer you directly into Lers Ros. It’s some of our favorite Thai food in the city, especially the fried pork ribs, but you really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu.

Open Until: 2am Sun-Sat

Entering a stranger’s garage after dark seems like something we’d generally advise against. But when you’re being lured in with fried rice, chicken wings, and hot pots, it feels like a safer choice.

Open Until: 10pm Sun-Tues, 12am Wed-Thurs, 2am Fri-Sat

New York style pizza. By the slice. In the Mission. Three magical phrases. This is far from the best pizza you’ll ever eat, but in a pinch - and especially at 1:30am - it’s a damn good slice.

Open Until: 11pm Sun-Wed, 12am Thurs-Sat

Happy hour went a little long (5 hours too long) and you need to eat something. The downtown Delarosa is open until midnight on weekends, and if you’re headed home to the Marina, that location is open until 1am. Get some meatballs and a pizza, and call us in the morning.

Open Until: 11:30pm Sun-Thurs, 12:30am Fri-Sat

Burritos are the most classic San Francisco food, and they are especially good late at night. It’s science. Other tidbits we can share with you on El Castillito are: 1) the al pastor is fantastic and 2) they melt the cheese on the inside of the tortilla. OK, now we’re talking rocket science.

Open Until: 3am Sun-Sat

We’re not going to say that Sam’s makes the best burger in the world, but we will say that when you’re eating it, you’ll think it’s the best burger in the world. That’s because the best (and in our opinion) only time to come to this place is when you’re absolutely wasted. They serve slices too, but you’re really only here to get a burger and laugh at the pizza in the window. Ordering a hot dog is also acceptable, but remember, it’s cash only.

Open Until: 12am Sun-Thurs, 1am Fri-Sat

One of the best bars serving food around, Monk’s Kettle has a strong beer list and follows it up with some excellent food. The burger, veggie burger, and pretty much any entree are worth your time. Or if you’re just in a desperate hunt for carbs, the pretzel is great and has the circumference of a small side table.

Rosamunde Sausage Grill



open table

Open Until: 11pm Sun-Wed, 12am Thurs-Sat

The fancier version of street meat, Rosamunde has sausages with ingredients they actually name, multiple mustards and ketchups, and lots of good beers on tap. We love it.

Open Until: 2:30am Sun-Sat

This place has been called the best burrito in America, and we say that’s a stretch. But if you’re hammered, you might call it the best burrito in the world. The tacos are good too, and only $3.25 a piece. If you’re feeling especially bold, they also have nachos.

Open Until: 11:30pm Sun-Thurs, 2:30am Fri-Sat

Golden Boy is a San Francisco institution, and for good reason. The Sicilian-style pizza is superb, and especially good at soaking up alcohol in the wee hours of the morning. And yes, you should definitely get a slice of the garlic and clam pie.

Open Until: 11pm Sun-Thurs, 1am Fri-Sat

Cream has you covered with all of your late-night ice cream needs, tons of cookie combos, and a choose-your-own-adventure setup. All paths lead to sugar highs and happiness.

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