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SF & East Bay Restaurants With Family Meals For Takeout And Delivery

Might as well sit down and have a meal together. It’s not like you don’t have the time.

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You’re probably sheltering in place with a sibling, a friend, or the first three randoms who answered your “quiet roommates needed” post on Craigslist. But it doesn’t matter who they are because right now whoever you’re with is your family - and you couldn’t be more stuck with them if you suddenly got snowed in. While you could spend this forced time together binge-watching shows, rearranging the pantry, or minding your own business in your room, there’s also a big opportunity to sit down with each other and share a meal. To help with that, we’ve put together this guide with some of our favorite spots in San Francisco and the East Bay that are offering family-style meals for takeout and delivery.

For more ways to support the restaurant industry right now, you can find some ideas and resources here. And for a full directory of restaurants offering takeout and delivery, check out our constantly-updated San Francisco, East Bay, and Peninsula Delivery & Takeout Directories.

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$$$$ 3640 Sacramento St.

This Pacific Heights spot is the restaurant embodiment of airline business class with its white tablecloths and menu of lobster and duck. But during the quarantine, they’ve shifted to more homestyle meals for delivery, like meatloaf, lasagna, and braised short ribs with creamy polenta - you know, the kind of meals you could cook at home if you had eight more hours in the day and were blood-related to Martha Stewart. Each three-course dinner hovers around $25 and serves one person, which makes it easy to adjust if you’re dining with people over Zoom or want to order for an exact number of housemates.

Che Fico Alimentari

Italian  in  Nopa
$$$$ 834 Divisadero St.

We love Che Fico Alimentari because they make simple Italian dishes with the same attention to detail as their sibling restaurant upstairs. And now, you can bring Alimentari’s cooking home with their $50 family meals, which feed two-to-three people and are available for pick-up. The menu changes daily, but always includes a few small plates, like freshly baked bread and salad, a meat or vegetarian course, and a dessert like tiramisu.


$$$$ 517 Clement St

All of the food from this place by the Mister Jiu’s team already comes in portions for two-to-three people, so you can mix and match spring rolls with broccoli and beef or fried rice with kung pao chicken, and have it ready for pick-up or delivery. Our favorite thing is the numbingly spicy mapo tofu, but the sweet and sour chicken is great, too.

Rooster & Rice

Thai  in  Cow Hollow
$$$$ 2211 Filbert St

Rooster And Rice’s four-for-$50 Family Deal includes chicken and rice bowls that are simple and light, and eating them is somehow a near-calming experience. And if everyone in your house has been shooting passive-aggressive glances at each other all week and edging closer to a full-blown screaming match (you can thank the dirty socks someone left in the living room), calm could be exactly what you need. Get it for delivery here.


$$$$ 230 California St

We’re all doing things a little differently right now. Some of us are calling the floor at the foot of our beds “the gym,” others are seeing how many days they can go without wearing shoes - and Perbacco has added a Family Meal section to their takeout and delivery menu. All of the large-format dishes, like the $25 lasagna bolognese for two or the $42 rack of pork for four, cost less than you’d typically spend here. But if you want to make it feel like a usual trip to Perbacco, add one of their pastas - they’re the best things here.


$$$$ 525 Laguna St.

Your house can sit down for a hearty meal of German food with Suppenkuche’s family-style dinners. They have them for two ($48), four ($82), and six ($100) people, and each order comes with salads, mashed potatoes, sauerkraut, and your choice of jaeger schnitzel, bockwurst, sauerbraten, or some other meat-heavy entrée. They’re also offering bottles of beer and wine, and are filling growlers from their taps.


$$$$ 1609 Powell St

Our favorite bar in North Beach has swapped from making some of the best tacos in the city to cranking out trays of tamales. $40 gets you a dozen assorted tamales, and all you need to do to order for pick-up or delivery is email billy@barriosf.com.

620 Jones

$$$$ 620 Jones St

Making fried chicken for the whole apartment sounded like a good idea until you realized your stove-top fan is broken and it’ll just end in your place smelling like canola oil for the next month. Luckily, 620 Jones is offering family-sized portions of fried chicken, as well as ribs, lasagna, and pizza. Order here or call 415-845-2257.

Pizzeria Delfina

Pizza  in  Mission
$$$$ 3621 18th St.

You can order a few pizzas from Pizzeria Delfina and have enough food to feed three or four people, but if you want your meal to have more forks and knives involved, you could get one of their Family Meals for takeout or delivery. They have three options for $50 - chicken alla diavola, spaghetti and meatballs, and vegan rigatoni alla norma, and they all come with salads and chocolate pots di crema.


Mexican  in  Nopa
$$$$ 306 Broderick St

If you and your partner are bad at deciding what’s for dinner, order the two-person heat-and-serve meals from Nopalito. They keep in the fridge for three days, which means you could have excellent carnitas or chicken pibil waiting in the fridge for moments of indecisiveness. Each kit costs $40 and is available for pick-up or delivery.

Farmhouse Kitchen

Thai  in  Mission
$$$$ 710 Florida St

The $60 Mini Lao Table from Farmhouse Kitchen comes with enough food to imitate a feast in Game Of Thrones, even though the meal is only meant for two people. There are fresh rolls with peanut sauce, samosas, mieng kum bites, papaya salad, grilled flank steak, hat yai fried chicken, shrimp fried rice, pad thai, and spicy eggplant, along with rice and a few smaller sides. And if kids are part of your quarantine situation, they get a separate meal for free. Order for takeout or delivery here.


MexicanTacos  in  Marina
$$$$ 2250 Chestnut St

Going to Tacolicious is always a great way to pregame before a night of bar hopping in the Marina. That won’t be happening for a while, but you can still get their tacos delivered before blasting music and getting drunk with your quarantine-mates at home. They’re doing two-person taco kits for $40 that come with six tacos and your choice of filling like al pastor, plus chips and salsa, salad, black beans, and rice. But what’s more important for your night in is their margaritas, which you can order in batches for three and six people.

Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen

Deli  in  Soma
$$$$ 736 Mission St

If your jobs have everyone in your house working late, you could at least try to eat breakfast together. Wise Sons is delivering care packages like their Brunch All Day with eight bagels, cream cheese, and smoked salmon. And to make it a complete breakfast, you could get coffee delivered from one of the places on this guide.

Beit Rima

Arab  in  Castro
$$$$ 138 Church St

The standard mezze and dip portions at Beit Rima feed multiple people - and will still leave you with leftovers. We like the muhammara and the buttery fava bean ful with a soft-cooked egg. But if you also want a few mains, the fried cod and lamb shank are big enough to split too. They’re doing takeout at all of their locations, so call to order.

Shake Shack

$$$$ 3060 Fillmore St

Big Charcoal has spent years and millions of dollars making us equate grilling meat with freedom. And even if you don’t have a backyard to throw a star-spangled, home-on-the-range barbecue, you can still get the experience by picking up a DIY Shackburger Kit from Shake Shack. The kit comes with beef for eight burgers, buns, cheese, Shack Sauce, and lettuce and tomato, and costs $50. And if you’re not the best burger flipper in the world, they send cooking instructions, too.


Aburaya Go

$$$$ 380 15th Street

The sister restaurant of the excellent Downtown Oakland Japanese fried chicken spot is offering a takeout family meal for $50. It includes 20 pieces of chicken with two choices of seasoning (make sure one of them is the garlic miso), and cabbage, greens, rice, and miso ranch dressing. The family meal serves five, but their chicken is so good that we wouldn’t bat an eye if you ordered one all to yourself.


$$$$ 3762 Piedmont Ave

Lately, date nights with your SO have involved Annie’s mac and cheese, a microwave, and a couple of warm Angry Orchards you found in the pantry. If you want to spice things up, pick up dinner for two from Mago. Their family meals change daily and range from beef short rib pot pie to eggplant parmesan (and if you’re lucky, you’ll order on a night they’re serving their delicious garlic knots). They’re also offering 30%-off wines by the bottle and cocktails to-go, which we can guarantee are more exciting than whatever stale beer and bitters concoction you were planning on making tonight. Order here for pick-up or via apps for delivery.


$$$$ 736 Washington St

You’ve been alternating between mindlessly scrolling through Twitter and staring at the unfinished puzzle on your dining room table. All of a sudden it’s dinner time, and no one in your apartment has thought about what to cook. Order some fried chicken for everyone instead. Xingones is offering DIY taco and fried chicken kits that serve two and five, and they come with sides and agua frescas or horchata. Order ahead of time here.

Honor Kitchen & Cocktails

$$$$ 1411 Powell St

You found your roommates on the Oakland Housing, Apartments, and Roommates Facebook Group, and you haven’t really gotten to know each other. Now that you have all the time in the world, order from Honor Kitchen in Emeryville. You can trade childhood stories (like the time a deer running at a full gallop knocked you down during a hike) over a table of crispy fried chicken, macaroni salad, and sausage biscuits. Or if that doesn’t work, just order a few of their cocktails to-go and get drunk together.

Kingston 11

$$$$ 2270 Telegraph Ave

It’s been a long day of “let’s just jump on a quick Zoom chat” and now no one in your apartment has it in them to cook dinner. Lucky for you, Kingston 11 in Oakland is offering large trays of their Jamaican specialties, like oxtail stew and jerk chicken salad, so everyone can enjoy a hot meal (and probably leftovers) without needing to turn on the stove. Let them know how many people you’re serving - they’re taking orders for up to 240 (yes, you read that right). They’re also offering carafes of sangria and rum punch for $32. Call 510-465-2558 to order or email takeout@kingston11eats.com.

La Guerrera’s Kitchen

$$$$ 954 Fruitvale Ave

For a family activity that doesn’t involve arguing about whose turn it is to do the dishes, try ordering a family meal from La Guerrera’s Kitchen in Fruitvale. The menus and prices change depending on the week, and they offer everything from barbacoa taco kits to tamales. Check their Instagram for the most updated menus and pick-up locations.


Mexican  in  Berkeley
$$$$ 2020 Shattuck Ave.

For a family dinner night that’s a little more exciting than the usual bag of frozen gyoza, order from Comal. They’ve got whole chickens, albondigas, enchiladas, and more, all of which serve between three and four people.

Ole's Waffle Shop

$$$$ 1507 Park St

Whether you’re quarantining with a pack of wild teenagers, or are in a house that feels like an episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8, the simple fact remains - there are a lot of you in one house. If that’s the case, order from Ole’s. This diner in Alameda is offering a family breakfast special that’s $32 (it serves four), but you can request the 10-person serving for $8 extra a person. It comes with pancakes, hash browns, bacon, and more, so you can feed the entire house without using a full carton of eggs for one meal. Call 510-522-8108 to order for pick-up or delivery in Alameda.

Lucky Three Seven

Filipino  in  Patten
$$$$ 2868 Fruitvale Ave

Somehow, neither you nor any of the people you’re quarantining with were bestowed with any semblance of cooking skills. So the past few weeks have been a whirlwind of cereal for all three meals, M&Ms for dinner, and what feels like a never-ending supply of freezer-burned chicken breast. Instead of putting yourself through another night of this chaos, let the pros at Lucky Three Seven take care of you. This Filipino spot in Oakland is serving daily specials, lumpia, their amazing G-Fire wings, and more. Check out their Instagram for daily updates, and call 510-866-2023 to order ahead.

La Note

$$$$ 2377 Shattuck Ave

Ever since you rewatched Ratatouille on Disney+, you’ve been craving some French stew and the loyal companionship of a rodent. La Note can help with 50% of that. They’re offering ratatouille that serves four (along with other family boxes, cider, beer, and cocktails), so you and your roommates can order in and recreate the iconic final Ego scene in your apartment. Just be sure to place your order and pick it up before 2pm (3pm on weekends), when they close. Call 510-843-1525 for takeout or order delivery through the apps.

Farmhouse Kitchen

Thai  in  Jack London
$$$$ 336 Water St

If you’re quarantining with roommates who can never agree on what to order, the Little Lao Set from Farmhouse Kitchen in Jack London is here to help. It’s got a huge variety of some of our favorite items, like their papaya salad and hat yai fried chicken, so everyone can get what they want without having to argue about it. It also comes with a separate kid’s meal (pad see ew) if you need even more options. Call them at 510-419-0541 to order for pick-up or use the apps for delivery.

The Arlington Cafe

$$$$ 269 Arlington Ave

Like low-rise jeans or celebrity self-restraint on Instagram Live, “quick runs” to the grocery store are no longer a thing. So if you’re craving a burrito, but are out of tortillas, order a burrito box from The Arlington Cafe in Kensington. Their menu changes every week, but one constant is their DIY burrito kits that are offered on Tuesdays (it includes tortillas, grilled chicken, guacamole, and other condiments). They’ve also got lamb, curries, and soups you can order for pick-up. Check their Facebook for the weekly menus, and call 510-525-3900 or email 269thearlington@ix.netcom.com to order.

Pasta Pelican

$$$$ 2455 Mariner Square Dr

If you’re sheltering in place with kids who refuse to eat anything but rigatoni - and you’re sick of cooking it - order from Pasta Pelican in Alameda. They’re offering a $100 family meal special that includes four pastas, four salads, an appetizer, and a bottle of wine - and you’ll almost definitely have leftovers. You can order online here for takeout and delivery.

Grand Lake Kitchen

$$$$ 576 Grand Ave

If your family is looking for evening quarantine activity ideas, you could have a competition to see who can eat a rib the fastest, without using their hands. Or you can just order some ribs from Grand Lake Kitchen and eat them however you want. The Oakland brunch spot is offering full racks of ribs and whole chickens for $50 from their Lake Merritt location, including hot and cold sides, for takeout. Pre-order here.


$$$$ 1338 Park St

Getting a pizza together as a family can either be incredibly divisive (pineapple gang, where you at?) or uniting, if you play your cards right. See which category your house falls into by ordering in from Tomatina. This Italian chain is offering family packs, which include three pizzas for $40, at all of their locations throughout the Bay Area - and they all come with their delicious garlic rolls. Order online.

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