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The Best Russian Food In The Richmond guide image

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The Best Russian Food In The Richmond

Get your fix of borsch and blintzes without ever leaving the Bay.

Pushkin review image

SF Review


Pushkin is a Russian spot in the Financial District with great palmeni and pirojki.

Europa Plus Russian Grocery review image

SF Review

Europa Plus Russian Grocery

Europa Plus is a specialty grocery store in the Richmond with lots of Russian goods and ingredients.

Russian Rennaisance Restaurant review image

SF Review

Russian Rennaisance Restaurant

Renaissance is a huge Russian spot in the Richmond that’s great for big groups.

Royal Market Food & Bakery review image

SF Review

Royal Market Food & Bakery

Royal Market is a great Russian specialty store and bakery in the Richmond.

Red Tavern review image

SF Review

Red Tavern

Red Tavern is a Russian spot in the Richmond that serves all the classics. Make sure to order some borsh the next time you’re here.

New World Market review image

SF Review

New World Market

New World Market is one of the largest Russian markets in SF and has excellent prepared salads.

Gourmand European Deli review image

SF Review

Gourmand European Deli

Gourmand European Deli is a great spot in the Richmond to pick up everything from cured meats to pickles to chocolate.

Cafe Europa review image

SF Review

Cafe Europa

Cafe Europa in the Richmond has dishes from across Eastern Europe and Russia. Make sure to order some pierogies.

Moscow & Tbilisi Russian Bakery review image

SF Review

Moscow & Tbilisi Russian Bakery

Moscow & Tbilisi Russian Bakery in the Richmond makes some of the best pastries in the neighborhood.

Cinderella Bakery & Café review image

SF Review

Cinderella Bakery & Café

Cinderella Bakery is a small Russian cafe with some of the best breakfast in the city.