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Swan Oyster Depot review image

SF Review

Swan Oyster Depot

You don’t need us to tell you that Swan Oyster Depot is great. But we’re going to anyway.

The Dorian review image

SF Review

The Dorian

The Dorian is serving fancy comfort food and strong cocktails, while trying very hard to look cool.

Bar Crudo review image

SF Review

Bar Crudo

Oysters, fresh seafood, and all the attractive people. Lose the Dropbox tee and get your game on. Bar Crudo is where it’s at.

Monsieur Benjamin review image

SF Review

Monsieur Benjamin

Monsieur Benjamin is making French food cool again.

Fish review image

SF Review


Fish in Sausalito is serving up seafood good enough to convince your East Coast family to relocate.

Leo’s Oyster Bar review image

SF Review

Leo’s Oyster Bar

Leo’s Oyster Bar involves pricey, but tasty seafood in an ’80s power yacht come to life. Obviously it’s in the Financial District.