Hamburger Hut

Hamburger Hut’s burgers are what you’d get if In-N-Out went upmarket. They serve craft cocktails, mocktails, and frosty adult slushies, and swap regular ground beef for 100 percent grass-fed wagyu that’s sandwiched between King’s Hawaiian sweet buns. (If you’re not in the mood for beef, the menu has a tuna or yellowtail fish burger with chili-lime tartar and fresh poke with taro chips.) They’ve got a great partially-covered outdoor patio with a fire pit and oversized games like Connect Four, which makes this a perfect spot to bring kids or just have a relaxed group meal. Plus, its location on the 101, a short distance from Moonlight Beach, makes it an ideal pre- or post-beach stop.

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photo credit: Deanna Sandoval

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