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Nomad Donuts review image

SD Review

Nomad Donuts

Nomad Donuts is where to go in North Park for unusual donut flavors, like blueberry lavender and ube taro.

Addison review image

SD Review


Addison in Carmel Valley serves French-Japanese tasting menus, has a huge wine list, and is San Diego’s fanciest restaurant.

Trust Restaurant review image

SD Review

Trust Restaurant

Trust is a neighborhood restaurant in Hillcrest that’s known for their wood-fired grill, wide selection of wines, and great atmosphere.

The Grass Skirt review image

SD Review

The Grass Skirt

The Grass Skirt is a modern tiki bar in Pacific Beach that serves a variety of umbrella drinks, along with burgers, pork buns, and kimchi fried rice.

The Crack Shack review image

SD Review

The Crack Shack

The Crack Shack in Little Italy is where to go to a really good fried sandwich on a huge patio.

Temp By Cosecha review image

SD Review

Temp By Cosecha

Temp By Cosecha in Chula Vista is where to go for seasonal dishes, a big selection of wine and sake, and a very boozy brunch.

It’s Raw Poke Shop review image

SD Review

It’s Raw Poke Shop

It’s Raw Poke Shop in Ocean Beach is where to go for authentic poke and chicken long rice.

Blind Lady Ale House review image

SD Review

Blind Lady Ale House

Blind Lady Ale House in Normal Heights serves really good pizza and more beers than you could ever consume in a lifetime.

Born & Raised review image

SD Review

Born & Raised

Born & Raised in Little Italy is where to go for an expensive steak, fancy cocktails, and to live out all of your Great Gatsby fantasies.

Campfire review image

SD Review


Campfire in Carlsbad looks like the setting from Moonrise Kingdom, serves a wide range of wood-fired dishes, and let's you roast your own s'mores.

Grand Ole BBQ Y Asado review image

SD Review

Grand Ole BBQ Y Asado

Grand Ole BBQ y Asado in North Park is an outdoor-only spot that serves Texas barbecue and Argentine-style asado.

The Balboa Bar And Grill review image

SD Review

The Balboa Bar And Grill

The Balboa Bar & Grill is where to go in Banker’s Hill for really good burgers and a few beers in a space your grandpa would like.

Little Lion Cafe review image

SD Review

Little Lion Cafe

Little Lion Cafe is an all-day restaurant in Sunset Cliffs that's the perfect stop before, during, or after a trip to the beach.