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June 5, 2021
The Absolute Best Father’s Day Presents For Food and Drink Loving Dads
From a set of Opinel table knives to a homebrew kit so your dad can make his own IPAs, these are all guaranteed hits.
Written by

Shopping for Father’s Day gifts can be a bit tricky if you don’t know what you’re looking for, or if your pops isn’t forthcoming about what he’d be interested in. Plus, once you’ve reached a certain age, your dad has probably received enough novelty mugs and books about World War II to stock an entire bookcase.

But if you’re looking for a surefire unique Father’s Day gift for your dad, thinking about what he enjoys cooking, eating, and drinking is a solid place to start. After all, most dads drink at least once in a while, and all dads have to eat. Thankfully for you, our team has scoured the internet for all the best kitchen, entertaining, and home gifts your dad will love (or at least appreciate) this Father’s Day, from a barbecue subscription that will send him cuts from smokehouses around the country each month, to an elegant pair of hand-blown rocks glasses he’ll want to show off to his friends.

We’re recommending this product because we actually use, and like, it. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission.

For the Dad Who Loves Single Malt Whiskey

This luxurious The Sexton x Max ID set is sure to please any dad who appreciates a fine whiskey. The Irish Single Malt is a classic dad drink while the hand blown glasses are not only beautiful but also dishwasher safe.

Get The Sexton x Max ID glassware gift set ($99)→

A Dad-Approved Wine Club

If all you know about your dad is that he drinks wine, the Wine Club from the Infatuation and Zagat will guarantee that he gets a perfectly curated box to sip on.

Get The Wine Club Membership (from $90)→

For the Dad Who Loves To Cook Asian Food

Momofuku’s pantry starter pack features three different seasoning salts, plus a bottle each of tamari, soy sauce, and chili crunch. He’ll love it over dumplings, noodles, or even to dress up steamed veggies.

Get Momofuku Pantry Starter Pack ($55)→

For Dads Who Crave Sweet & Spicy Combos

Condiments are a surefire hit with any food-loving dad, and hot honeys are the ultimate crowd pleaser. A drizzle is ideal on top of pizza, avocado toast, and literally anything else that could use a touch of sweet heat.

Get Bushwick Kitchen Bees Knees Spicy Honey ($15)→

For the Dad Who Got Into Sourdough Last Year

If your dad started baking last year with a dutch oven, they’re definitely not alone. But a cast iron combo cooker is a lot easier to maneuver, and way less terrifying to use when preheated to 500 degrees. They can also use the set as traditional cast iron skillets for other dishes.

Get Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Combo Cooker ($45)→

For The Dad Who Loves Perfectly Sliced Bread

What to get someone who’s mastered sourdough? A nice bread knife that preserves each loaf’s tender interior while easily slicing through crunchy crusts.

Get Tojiro Bread Slicer ($63)→

For The Dad Who’s Just Really Into Beer

If you’ve exhausted every other beer-related gift possibility for your dad, here’s something they probably don’t have: a pressurized growler. It’ll not only help them feel superior to all their other beer-loving friends, but also keep their favorite craft brews carbonated and fresh.

Get GrowlerWerks uKeg Carbonated Growler ($160)→

For The Dad Who’s Casually Into Beer

Maybe your dad doesn’t want or need all the bells and whistles of a pressurized growler, but still wants to enjoy his favorite draft at home. That’s where the MiiR growler comes in — it’s a double wall vacuum insulated container that can hold up to 64 ounces of his favorite brew.

Get Miir Insulated Growler for Beer ($55)→

For Dads who Love Breakfast

If you give your dad a waffle maker for Father’s Day, he’ll probably make a ton of “flip” puns as he turns the waffle maker over. But he’ll still be making you waffles, so it’s worth it.

Get Presto Ceramic Belgian Waffle Maker ($40)→

For The Dad Who Drinks White Claw

If your dad is a hard seltzer enthusiast, this can cooler is made for slimmer cans and will keep drinks ice cold, even during hot summer cookouts.

Get BruMate Hopsulator Slim Insulated Can Cooler ($20)→

For Dads Who Want To Keep Their Beer Cold

Yetis’ line of insulated containers are coveted by dads around the world for their ability to keep everything nice and chilled. If you can’t spring the hundreds of dollars for their big cooler, your dad will still love this smaller option that keeps cans and bottles ice cold.

Get Yeti Rambler Colster ($41)→

For Dads Who Could Use a Utensil Upgrade

Dads will appreciate the functionality of these Le Creuset silicone utensils for flipping, mixing, and scraping ingredients, and their houseguests will appreciate how tidy everything looks in the matching stoneware crock.

Get Le Creuset Silicone Craft Series Utensil Set with Stoneware Crock, 5-pack ($60)→

For Dads Who Likes To Grill At Night

There are two types of dads: ones who have headlamps and ones who constantly fumble with their phone’s flashlight in the dark. Give your dad a headlamp and they can use it whether grilling at night or while setting up their camping cookout station. Just maybe tell him to leave it at home when you’re about to go to a dimly-lit restaurant.

Get Petzl Tikka Headlamp ($30)→

For The Dad Who Likes To Drink His Wine Slowly

While your dad might appreciate that $125 bottle of merlot, they’re not about to go through the entire thing in one sitting. This pump and wine stopper set will help their prized wine stay fresh after opening, and only costs a fraction of a Coravin.

Get Vacu Vin Saver Pump with 2 Vacuum Stoppers ($20)→

For The Dad Who Appreciates A Nice Looking Cocktail

So your dad has a nice set of rocks glasses? Add a useful tool to his at-home drinking arsenal with these whiskey ball ice molds. They’ll make his cocktail look especially impressive.

Get Tovolo Leak Free Sphere Molds ($11)→

For The Dad Who Orders Sparkling Water, Always

A Sodastream is a great gift for anyone who likes seltzer but your dad will appreciate the glass carafe and sleek design of this model, which is a definite upgrade from the standard plastic one.

Get SodaStream Aqua Fizz Sparkling Water Machine ($139)→

If Your Dad Wants A Sense of Order In His Pantry

Dads can be particular when it comes to sorting their favorite seasonings or ingredients. This sliding spice rack organizer can help him easily sift through ingredients and make the most out of available pantry or cabinet space.

Get Lynk Professional Slide Out Spice Rack ($22)→

A Beginner Smoker For Dad’s Barbecue Endeavor

If your dad’s already got the barbecue basics down and wants to experiment with smoking his meats, we love this pellet smoker. It’s a fairly easy beginner option and can act as a traditional grill when all your dad wants to cook are some burgers and hot dogs.

Get Z GRILLS ZPG-450A Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker ($369)→

The Perfect Apron For Long Days At The Grill

While a pun-adorned apron can make for a funny gift, your dad will probably get more use out of Hedley and Bennett’s ultra comfortable crossback apron in an elegant neutral brown.

Get Hedley and Bennett All Day Crossback Apron ($95)→

The Perfect Smoky Candle

Candles are also a great gift if you’re not sure what else your dad would appreciate. This soy and coconut wax candle from Otherland has a musky, cedar scent, so it’ll help rooms feel ultra-cozy without your dad feeling like you’re challenging his masculinity.

Get Otherland Kindling Candle ($36)→

For The Dad Who’s Very Particular About His Furniture

Some dads treat minor spills and spots on their furniture like a verifiable disaster. Avert any potential drink-related crises with these soft merino wool coasters that will protect tables from water rings and lend a minimalist touch to any space.

Get Goodee x Graf Lantz Merino Wool Coasters, 4-pack ($24)→

For The Cold Coffee Enthusiast

If your dad loves coffee but can’t be bothered to make their own cold brew, a case of canned coffee should keep them satisfied.

Get Illy Cappuccino, 12-pack ($28)→

A Do-It-All Blender

This blender is actually a lot more versatile than you’d think (it is made by Instant Pot, after all), so your dad can use it for everything from making frozen drinks to whipping up hot soups.

Get Instant Pot Ace Nova Cooking Blender ($80)→

For Newly Vegan/Vegetarian Dads

Whether your dad wants to start eating less meat or is a tofu expert, he’ll appreciate this press that squeezes out excess moisture without wasting a bunch of single-use paper towels.

Get TofuBud Tofu Press ($28)→

For Dad’s Who Crave Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Nguyen Coffee Supply sources their coffee beans from a 4th generation farmer in Vietnam and sells phin filters for making traditional Vietnamese iced coffees. Founder Sahra Nguyen told us while she loves all her roasts, the Loyalty 50/50 arabica and robusta blend is the coffee she reaches for nearly everyday.

Get Nguyen Coffee Supply Vietnamese Coffee + Phin Filter Kit ($28)→

For Dads Who Want To Get Into Rye Whiskey

When all else fails, a bottle of whiskey is a pretty safe bet when it comes to Father’s Day gifts. We particularly like this rye whiskey from Pinhook that has hints of cherry, toffee, and clove.

Get Pinhook Ryed Rye’d On Straight Rye Whiskey ($40)→

For Your Favorite Wine Dad

High Treason’s sommelier John Vuong recommends this free-standing wine fridge. Since there are two temperature zones, your dad will rest easy knowing their prized reds and whites are both kept at their respective proper temps.

Get BODEGA 15 Inch Wine Cooler ($550)→

For Dads Who Love Steak

Senior Staff Writer Bryan Kim opined that Opinel’s Table Knives are the platonic ideal of good-but-not-too-fancy steak knife — non-fussy, durable, and fun. He prefers a colorful mismatched set, but this olivewood set is probably more likely to earn a Dad seal of approval.

Get Opinel Olivewood Table Knives, 4-pack ($59)→

For Dads Who Love Spicy Foods

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Omsom’s meal starters, and they recently released Thai Krapow starters with Pepper Tiegen. Even if your dad has no idea who Pepper Tiegen is, he’ll love this spicy, savory, and sweet sauce packet.

Get Pepper Tiegen’s Thai Krapow Starters, 4-pack ($18)→

If Your Dad Doesn’t Already Have A Travel Mug

Seeing as thermoses and coffee tumblers are consistently a Father’s Day favorite, they probably already own a few. But are any of those cups as good as Fellow’s Carter Travel Mug? They’re one of our favorites for both carrying along hot coffee and subtly enjoying a drink in a public park.

Get Fellow Carter Travel Mug ($30 - $35)→

A Serving Board That Honors A Favorite NYC Spot

If your dad’s the type to reminisce about their favorite New York haunts with merch, they’ll love this serving board that pays homage to one of the city’s most famous delis.

Get Russ and Daughters Engraved Serving Board ($50) →

For Dads Who Dream About Their Favorite Barbecue Joints

Any meat-loving dad would appreciate this barbecue subscription from Goldbelly, which sends hand-selected cuts from acclaimed smokehouses throughout the U.S each month.

Get Goldbelly BBQ Monthly Subscription Box ($89/month)→

For the Dad That Loves Camp Cooking

This two-burner camping stove is great for Dads who always are always prepared for the campground and the cookout.

Get Primus Tupike 2-Burner Camping Stove ($250) →

For The Dad That’s Been Eyeing A Ceramic Cookware Set

If your dad’s non-stick pans are starting to lose their luster, Carway Home’s ceramic cookware is great for cooking everything from slippery eggs to roasting whole chickens.

Get Caraway Cookware Set ($395)→

For Dads Who Love Eating Out

If your dad is feeling a bit restless after a year at home, signing him up for our Friends of the Infatuation membership is a great way to keep him busy. Membership includes personalized recommendations from our team about where to eat and drink, as well as members-only experiences like cooking classes and food photography workshops.

Get Friends of the Infatuation Membership ($89/year) →

For the Dad Who’s Always Craving Pizza

If your dad often daydreams about his favorite pies, he can recreate them at home with this outdoor pizza oven that can be used with either charcoal or wood.

Get Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven Black + Pizza Peel Combo ($320)→

For The Dad Who Wants A Quick Cup Of Coffee

Our Editor-in-Chief Hillary Reinsberg swears by her Aero-Press for making a great quality coffee with minimal effort, so it’s a great gift for those who want no-fuss cup in the morning without sacrificing taste.

Get Aero Press Go Travel Coffee Press ($32)→

For The Dad Who's Very Particular About His Coffee

Coffee Dads (and coffee enthusiasts in general) know that a uniform, precise grind is one of the key elements of a great cup of coffee. Fellow’s Ode grinder is an industry favorite, and will look ultra-fancy on a counter or coffee bar.

Get Fellow Ode Electric Brew Grinder ($299)→

For Dads Who Want To Start A Homebrew

Brewing an IPA in the garage is Peak Dad Energy. You can help your own pops achieve this by gifting him a one gallon brewing kit from Brooklyn Brew Shop.

Get Brooklyn Brew Shop ‘Everyday IPA’ One Gallon Beer Making Kit ($48)→

For Dads Who Hate Tepid Coffee

This self-heating mug set is great for dads who work from home or who are particular about wanting a piping hot cup of joe.

Get Ohom Mug and Mug Warmer Set ($75)→

For Dads Who Are Getting Into Pourovers

If your dad is just coming around to the wonders of pour-over coffee, they’re gonna need a solid electric kettle with a gooseneck spout.

Get Brim .8L Electric Kettle ($66)→

For Dads Who Loves An Apéritif

Made with real fruits and botanicals in flavors like ginger yuzu or jalapeno grapefruit, these wine-based drinks are stronger than your average glass of pinot noir but don’t pack the same punch as hard liquor. He can enjoy sipping a bit with ice or mixing with seltzer for a refreshing spritzer.

Get Haus The Sampler Kit ($50)→

For the Dad who’s into Foraging

If your dad’s idea of a great time is exploring and eating his way through a forest, he’ll love this classic Opinel No. 8 knife.

Get Opinel Colorama Series No. 8 - Stainless Steel Folding Pocket Knife ($19)→

If He’s Always Looking For Ways to Rep His Alma Mater

For Dads that are always going on about their college football tailgate days, they can show their spirit with these subtly designed grill accessories

Get NCAA Classic Series 3PC BBQ Grill Set ($40)→

For Dads Who Always Forget Sunscreen

If your dad is going to spend all summer at the helm of a grill or any other outdoor cooking situation, he’s going to need some sun protection. And should he be the type to want an easy skincare routine, this moisturizer already has SPF in it so it’s one less step to remember.

Get Jack Black Double Duty Face Moisturizer ($28)→

If Your Dad’s A Stickler For Food Safety

For dads that (rightly so) obsess over their cooking, down to the exact temperature his roast chicken needs to be, this instant-read thermometer has a ton of handy features like a gyroscopic rotating display and a magnet, so he can plop it on the fridge for easy access.

Get Lavatools Javelin Ambidextrous Thermometer ($55) →

For The Dad Who’s Always On Dish Duty

If your dad insists on cleaning up after enjoying a meal at home, he’ll appreciate this stainless steel sponge caddy that easily drains excess water and looks sleek on countertops.

Get OXO Stainless Steel Sinkware Caddy ($20)→

For The Dad Who Loves A Smoothie In The Morning

This blender is great at crushing ice and has a large 72-oz capacity, so your dad can use it to make his morning smoothies or whip up a big batch of margaritas for the next family barbecue.

Get Ninja Professional Countertop Blender ($90)→

For The Dad Who Deserves Better Kitchen Knives

If your dad is still rocking the knife set he’s had for 20 years, it’s time for an upgrade. This is top-reviewed set features a chef’s knife, a chef’s utility knife, and a paring knife so he’ll be able to slice through everything from meat to tomatoes to fruit.

**Get Global 3-piece Starter Set ($200)→

For The Dad Who Has A High Spice Tolerance

As far as hot honeys go, this one is on the fiery side. Made with habanero and cinnamon, it’s spicy without being too overwhelming. Fans of this brand like to use it over fried chicken or even to punch up a cup of tea.

Get The Spicy Shark Hot Honey ($13)→

For The Dad Who Needs An Edible Hobby

If your dad loves ice cream with a capital L, he’ll be obsessed with making his own batches in this Cuisinart ice cream maker.

Get Cuisinart ICE-30BC Ice Cream Maker ($92) →

If Your Dad Is Obsessed With The Family Dog

Dads are always the ones who are against getting a dog, but then end up spoiling it more than their human children. This pet camera allows him to watch, speak, and toss treats to their favorite (fur) child all from their smartphone.

Get Furbo Dog Camera ($169)→

For the Dad Who Loves Cooking But Hates Achy Feet

If your dad feels totally in his element in the kitchen but has hard, unforgiving floors, these anti-fatigue mats will make home cooking a much more enjoyable experience.

Get ComfiLife Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat ($38)→

For Dads Who Believe in Drinking Out of A Proper Beer Glass

Loving beer seems like a quintessential “dad” trait, so it makes sense that he’d appreciate a set of beer glasses that are properly shaped to ensure maximum enjoyment with every type of brew.

Get Libbey Craft Brews Assorted Glasses, 6-pack ($29)→

If An Elegant Rocks Glass is More Your Dad’s Speed

We’re huge fans of Estelle Colored Glass’s gorgeous wine glasses, but you dad might better appreciate their elegant hand-blown rocks glass set.

Get Estelle Colored Glass Rocks Glasses, 2-pack ($85)→

If Your Dad Wants to Prove His Hot Sauce Mettle

Should your dad loves all things spicy, he’ll be excited to try this set of 11 hot sauces that range in heat from “tame” to “insane.” The last one is aptly named “the bowels of hell,” so maybe break out this gift with caution.

Get Fuego Box Tame to Insane Hot Sauce Box ($135) →

For Dads Who Want A Fancy Hot Sauce

Not all hot sauces are created equal, and some dads might want a sauce with a bit of flair. Truff’s white truffle hot sauce satisfies that criteria, and has a bright truffle flavor with a moderate amount of heat.

Get Truff White Truffle Hot Sauce ($35)→

For The Dad That Doesn't Really Cook

If your dad is less of a culinary genius and is more of the “microwave dinner” type, he can still whip up a great meal with these microwavable bowls.

Get Anyday The Everyday Set ($120)→

For The Dad Who Wants To Make A Good Cheese Board

Because who doesn’t love copious amounts of cheese?

Get Jasper Hill Cheese Tasting Box ($50 - $200)→

For the Dad That Loves Picnics But Hates Pests

These lightweight nets will help keep bugs from landing atop your dad’s summer picnic spreads.

Get Dot & Amy Outdoor Net Food Cover ($28 - $48) →

If Your Dad Loves Saying the Word “Umami"

We’re huge fans of Red Boat Fish Sauce for adding saltiness and complexity to almost any dish. Red Boat took their premium umami-laden fish sauce and aged it for more than 7 months in Bourbon barrels for this sweet and smoky fish sauce that’ll leave your dad super-impressed.

Get BLiS Bourbon Barrel Red Boat Fish Sauce, 2-Pack ($38) →

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