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September 8, 2021
12 Minimalist Kitchen Items For People Who Hate Colorful Decor
When only black, white, and gray will do.
Written by

I’ve never been a fan of color, even if I can appreciate a bright drinking glass. Look into my closet and you’ll see that all of my clothes are mainly black, white, and gray, I like everything in my life to be clean, minimal, and stark. Nothing stresses me out more than a cluttered room filled with clashing hues and patterns. I get the appeal but it’s not for me. While people might find my austerity unwelcoming, it’s my idea of a cozy, soothing space.

If that sounds like you too, read on for my list of minimalist kitchen decor items. From an inexpensive drinking glass (that looks pricey) to my favorite candlesticks to a fruit bowl that doubles as a sculptural item, these are design-y things meant for the color-phobic.



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We’re recommending these products because we actually use, and like, them. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission.

Prestige Ceramics

I love a limited ceramics drop but if I had to choose one style of dinnerware for my kitchen it would be Hasami porcelain exclusively. Dating back 400 years to the Edo period, this Japanese pottery is simple and versatile: every plate can also become lids for bowls. They’re made to be durable and they’re even dishwasher safe.

Get Hasami Porcelain Black HPB003 Plate ($25)→

And A Mug To Match

To match all the Hasami porcelain plates, a Hasami porcelain mug is a nice coordinating touch. Will it keep my coffee as well insulated as a thermos? No, but the walls are thick enough that if I forget to finish my drink immediately, it’ll still be at a decent temperature half an hour later.

Get Hasami Porcelain Black HPB21 Mug ($30)→

Cheap But Expensive Looking Drinking Glasses

I wrote about these glasses as a cheap but expensive-looking Amazon find and I can report that they’re very solid in real life. The ripple detailing is similar to these Ferm Living ones that cost way more but my version happens to be inexpensive enough that if a friend breaks one, I won’t be too upset.

Get LOOPIG Ripple Glass ($3)→

Elegant Wine Glasses

Yes, the best wine glass is by Zalto but the heart wants what the heart wants and I wound up buying a set of these Serax x Ann Demeulemeester glasses instead. With its delicate, bell-like shape, the design has been stuck in my brain since I spotted it at a friend’s place a year ago, and I finally gave in a few weeks ago.

Get Serax x Ann Demeulemeester Grace Clear Red Wine Glass ($32 each)→

A Dutch Oven You Can Display

Like most New York City kitchens, mine is small and tight on storage. If I have a large piece of cookware that doesn’t fit into a cabinet, it needs to be presentable enough sit on my stove. As much as everyone loves Great Jones colorful dutch ovens, I went for the all-white one, which sits in stark contrast to the rest of my gray kitchen.

Get Great Jones The Dutchess ($155)→

Linen Napkins That Can Withstand Repeated Washing

You’d think I’d want black napkins but I’ve learned the hard way that after repeated washings it’ll turn this shade of dark gray anyway. You might as well cut to the chase and get something that’ll fade nicely. Another good point to note if you’re into lack of color like me: texture and shades of gray help keep your kitchen decor from feeling one dimensional.

Get Five Two by Food52 Essential Set of 4 Cotton Napkins ($30)→

Resin Salad Servers

After repeatedly trying to toss and serve salad with a tiny wooden spoon and a random fork, I decided to look into getting the proper utensils. These resin servers are high on my wishlist, mainly because they look like nothing else out there. The only downside is that you have to hand wash them since they’ll likely melt in your dishwasher.

Get Nashi Home Handcrafted Resin Salad Servers ($40)→

Candlesticks, To Set A Mood

I’m a huge fan of Ted Muehling’s spindly black candlesticks. These are a similar gothic vibe, at a fraction of the cost.

Get SUJUN Matte Black Candle Holders ($20)→

An Eye-Catching All Purpose Bowl

Made from porcelain enamel over carbon steel, these durable bowls are great for serving up pasta or salads. I’ll also use them to mix up my dumpling filling.

Get Golden Rabbit Enamel Serving Bowl & Tray (from $53)→

A Sculptural Fruit Bowl

While I wait for my avocados to ripen, at the very least I can make the entire setup look an objet d’art on my kitchen counter.

Get Serax Handcrafted Metal Fruit Bowls (from $54)→

A Matching Cutting Board

You’d think a black cutting board would be a bad idea but I’ve owned this one for around five years. It looks just as good as the day I bought it, save for some minor scratching. Made from the same material they use on skate park ramps, it’s durable, heat resistant, and gentle on knives.

Get Epicurean Kitchen Series Cutting Board ($25)→

A Decanter That Doubles As Decor

Even if I don’t use it for wine or whiskey, it looks good sitting out on a random shelf. In a pinch it could also double as a flower vase.

Get Tom Dixon Tank smoked-glass decanter ($134)→

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