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Maison Balzac
May 5, 2021
These Jewel-Colored Glasses Could Help With That Blah Pandemic Feeling
If you're experiencing languishing, try Maison Balzac.
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The other day, my sister mentioned the concept of languishing. It was over the phone, and I wasn’t really listening, but shortly after I found the New York Times article she must’ve been referring to. The full title was “There’s a Name for the Blah You’re Feeling: It’s Called Languishing,” and, to be perfectly honest, I did not read this article. I certainly wanted to, but sometimes when you’re languishing it’s hard to align your desires with concrete action. Your mental wiring is a bit too tangled, and it’s easier to scroll through TikTok for an hour.

I did, however, take the title of this article to heart, and I’ve been trying to do more things to alleviate my languishing. Basketball works. And therapy is, you know, useful. But right now I’m drinking fridge-cold water out of a pastel-colored glass from Maison Balzac, and that seems to be doing the trick. The glass is just barely translucent with paper-thin walls that resonate with the frequency of a “tiny ass bell” when tapped with a fingernail, and it makes me feel better.

Before you get up in arms about my implication that consumerism can defeat ennui, you should know that you’ve stumbled into the lifestyle corner of The Infatuation. We don’t have every answer, but we do have some, and they’re all shopping-related. You should also know that, as someone who used to cover restaurants (and was therefore almost never home), I’ve historically neglected my dishes and glassware. I’ve been changing that lately, and Maison Balzac tumblers my favorite recent purchase.

Maison Balzac

The glasses from this Sydney-based company are all mouth blown, and you can get them in around 10 different colors. Some are on the opaque side (almost pearlescent), and others are lovely jewel tones perfect for when you’d like to keep an eye whatever summer cocktail you’re drinking. Each stylish vessel is dishwasher safe - but given their lightweight build (not quite frail, but definitely not hefty), I’d stick to hand washing.

If, like me, you get yourself a set and find that they do something for your serotonin levels, you should also look into Maison Balzac’s pitchers. They have the same delicate construction and mood-boosting hues, and they also come with a little tumbler that sits on top. To those of you that follow our site closely: yes, I’ve recommended these pitchers before - but I’m afraid I undersold them. These are some seriously nice carafes. I’m not saying they’ll definitively eradicate any languishing that you might be feeling, but then again, I’m not entirely clear on the concept of languishing. I’ll get around to reading that article soon.

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Get Maison Balzac Glasses ($12) →

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