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September 17, 2021
19 New Home and Kitchen Items Because You’re Secretly Hyped For Fall
Plus seasonally appropriate pumpkin spice alternatives.
Written by

Autumn is the best season, period. Not only is it Virgo season, but there’s something so tantalizing about that first week when you switch from iced coffee to hot and dig out your cozy knit sweaters. Growing up in Texas and Southern California, I didn’t have a true appreciation for fall until I moved to the Northeast, but now I lie in wait each summer for leaves to change and farmers markets to start selling fresh apple cider donuts. While I’m sad to see Hot Vax Summer slip away into colder months with shorter days, I can’t deny the pure serotonin I get when I fulfill every Christian Girl Autumn stereotype (I’m talking hay-rides, pumpkin picking, and lazy morning hikes with plenty of crunchy leaves). I don’t care what you say, no one is too cool to fully enjoy this time of year. You just need the courage to admit it.

And once you do admit it, we gathered the kitchen and home items that’ll let you fully indulge in your love for this season, including drinks, candles, and more that pay homage to fall’s most famous drink. Read on for everything you need to fully enjoy cozy season with zero shame.



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We’re recommending these products because we actually use, and like, them. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission.

Cozy Candles For Every Fall Mood

These scents from Otherland offer a warm and fuzzy feeling, but aren’t overpowering. I really enjoy the cardamom milk as a PSL scent alternative that still feels reminiscent of your favorite coffee shop, but doesn’t create an overwhelming plume of cinnamon and nutmeg. Sun Suede is also a great scent for basking in the shortening days and earlier sunsets.

Get Otherland Manor House Weekend Candle Collection ($36 - $170)→

A Caffeine-Free PSL Alternative

For those that want to indulge in their favorite autumn beverage but want the choice to take it without caffeine, Blume’s pumpkin spice blend has actual pumpkin in it and is keto friendly. If you’re like me and can’t fathom foregoing your caffeine boost, it tastes great with espresso.

Get Blume Pumpkin Spice Blend ($25)→

A Perfectly Cozy (Not Pumpkin) Cake

This Apple Cider Doughnut Cake makes a great birthday cake for the Libra in your life, but we won’t judge you for grabbing one for your own personal enjoyment.

Get Milk Bar Apple Cider Doughnut Cake ($56 - $125)→

The Perfect Pot For Warm Stews

I’ve already extolled on how much I love Our Place’s Perfect Pot, but if you need another reason to jump on the bandwagon, I have one word for you: stews. This bad boy will whip up all your favorite autumnal soups and stews and more, keeping you warm and well fed.

Get Our Place Perfect Pot ($165)→

A Much-Hyped Spoon Drop

You’re probably going to want to grab some nice wooden spoons to stir up your favorite fall dishes, and Great Jones just came out with their own set. Unfortunately the bundle with a sleek East Fork spoon rest already sold out, but you can still snag the spoons.

Get The Whole Grain Family Spoon Set ($75)→

Fall-Inspired Allergy-Friendly Cookies

I love these seasonally appropriate cookies from Partake because they’re practically allergen-free. They don’t contain peanuts, soy, dairy, tree nuts, eggs, sesame, or gluten, so you can share them with just about anyone. And they actually taste like cookies, instead of flavorless hockey pucks that are associated with gluten and allergy-free snacks.

Get Soft Baked Pumpkin Spice Cookies ($15)→

Another Soup and Stew MVP

If your fall plans involve lots of long, low-temp braises or making your own stock, this extra large lidded freezer tray makes it easy to store one-cup cubes of soup bases or stock. You could also use them to make giant ice cubes for extra-large cocktails.

Get Peak Design Cup Cubes Freezer Tray, 6 Cubes ($25.00)→

A True PSL Candle Scent

If you want everything in your life to smell like your favorite fall drink, this soy candle from Grove Co definitely gets the job done. The glass design is beautiful and understated, and burning this candle for a few hours in my living room made my whole apartment smell like freshly baked pumpkin cookies and pie.

Get Grove Co Golden Hour Soy Candle ($17)→

Some Delicious Honey To Brighten Up Shorter Days

It was only a matter of time before Brightland added artisanal honeys to their line of custom blended olive oils and vinegars. The Couplet set comes with two jars of raw and unfiltered honey. The lighter-tinted orange blossom honey is collected from family-run farms in California, while the amber wildflower honey from Kuai has hints of Hawaiian flowers from hibiscus, papaya, guava plants.

Get Brightland Honey, The Couplet ($42)→

The Base Of All Your Fall Baking Treats

Fall for me is a season of baking (how else are you going to get through dozens of hand-picked apples), so it’s worth investing in high-quality spices. This Peni Miris Cinnamon has notes of honey, whiskey, and orange blossom that would lend plenty of complexity to your autumn-themed dishes and drinks.

Diaspora Co Peni Miris Cinnamon ($12)→

Because Hot Pot > Other Fall Soups or Stews

Nothing says cozy season than enjoying a fiery hot meal that’s sure to clear out your sinuses. All you have to do is add one of the base pouches to a hot pot of water or stock, then add all the veggies and dipping proteins you’d like.

Get Fly By Jing Fire Hot Pot Base ($20)→

To Toast Summer’s Last Hurrah

Yes, the days are getting shorter, but I plan on drawing out summer until I find myself working outside with my laptop with a beanie and a down coat. To help me in my denial, Haus’ Strawberry Basil tastes like sunshine, lazy days in a park, and impromptu Summer Friday plans.

Get Haus Strawberry Basil ($40)→

To Prepare for Cozier Cocktails

Hot Toddies are the ideal drink for when you want to enjoy a rooftop but the temps are just a little too cold to be completely comfortable. This insulated mug will keep your hot toddy nice and toasty and has a fully leakproof lid.

Get Brumate TODDY Insulated Mug ($30)→

A Less Summery Hard Booch

Juneshine’s latest flavor is a twist on the classic cocktail, and it has activated charcoal and nutmeg for an ominous, winter is coming, vibe.

Get Juneshine Midnight Painkiller, 12-pack ($33) →

An Easy Pumpkin Spice Breakfast

If you’re the type of person who loves pumpkin spice season more than life itself, there are plenty of seasonal treats to choose from. Oats Overnight makes a version that's easy to enjoy breakfast or mid-day slump snack.

Get Oats Overnight, 8-pack ($26) →

The Flavorful Base Of Mulled Cider or Wine

My favorite drink to enjoy in colder months is a steaming cup of mulled cider or wine. These spices from the Spice House are so easy: simply steep in some boiling water, strain and enjoy with your beverage of choice.

Get The Spice House Mulling Spices ($8 - $21)→

A Less Sugary PSL Option

Pumpkin flavored coffee and protein drink sound like two concepts that are the complete antithesis of one another, but the Maple Pumpkin Super Coffee delivers on its promises of tasting like the season’s most iconic drink and providing plenty of caffeine and protein without a ton of crash-inducing sugar. The bottled drinks are also the easiest version of a PSL to enjoy — I can pour mine over ice to enjoy at my desk.

Get Maple Pumpkin Super Coffee ($34)→

The Latest Celebrity Alcohol Drop

Della Vite prosecco comes from the famed Delevingne sisters, it tastes surprisingly good. Orders will start shipping from Reserve Bar in October, so you can pre-order your own vegan and sustainably made bottle in time for fall gatherings or holiday parties.

Get Della Vite Superiore DOCG ($32)→

For Cozy Nights In

For me, the onset of fall means my outdoor park picnics with friends will turn into game nights at my apartment or cozy weekends dedicated to streaming my favorite shows. This personal-sized version of W&P’s popcorn popper helps cut down on single-use packaging found on traditional microwave popcorn, and is ideal for a solo Netflix session, or even just a warm WFH snack.

Get W&P Personal Popcorn Popper ($17)→

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