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13 Best Tea Subscription Boxes To Try Right Now

Whether you’re into herbal, iced, or looking for a mix, there’s a sub for everyone.

If you’re new to the world of tea, the options can seem overwhelming. Tea, which is what you get when you pour hot or cold water over the leaves of camellia sinensis, can exist as several different types. You’re probably familiar with black or green but there’s also white, yellow, oolong, and pu’er. All of these refer to how the leaves are processed after they’re picked. White is wilted and unoxidized while yellow is unwilted and unoxidized except the leaves are allowed to turn yellow. Green is both unwilited and unoxidized, black is wilted, partially oxidized, and sometimes crushed. Oolong is wilted, fermented, and completely oxidized while Pu’er is green tea that has been allowed to ferment.

On top of that, there’s also what people like to refer to as caffeine-free or herbal tea, which includes chamomile, chrysanthemum, rooibos, and more. They’re also known as tisanes. It’s a lot of information to sift through and if you’d rather not do that, that’s where these tea subscription boxes come in. They’re curated by experts so you can learn about new styles and regions, or simply just get the very best of what you know you like. So if you prefer solely Japanese green tea or if you’re looking for unique floral blends, there’s a sub for you.

Below, we’ve listed the best tea subscription services. Some specialize in a very specific category (iced tea for one, wellness blends for another), while some are more broad ranged samplers. Many subscriptions on this list also include certain extras beyond a regular shipment of tea. Read on to learn about them.

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If You’re Into Unique Blends of Tea

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Art of Tea is known as one of the premier tea blenders in the world thanks to founder Steve Schwartz’s background in Ayurvedic medicines. Their Red Velvet is a rich blend of rooibos with mint, apple, and sweet honeybush while Aztec Spice mixes the distinct flavor of Pu-er with cinnamon, cacao nibs, and chile flakes. So whether you’re looking for a tea blend, herbal teas, a single-origin tea, or simply want Art of Tea to choose for you, their subscription delivers 12 bags of a new sample to your door each month.

Get Art of Tea 3 Month Subscription ($70)→

For a Seasonal Rotation

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A subscription to DavidsTea is not monthly but quarterly, meaning that every three months you’ll get a new box of up to eight new teas designed to match the season—maybe Maui Madness for summer (a caffeine-free blend of pineapple, purple sweet potato, kiwi, and orange peel), or a cozy breakfast blend for winter that pairs Assam with Ceylon. In addition, you’ll get some drinkware and a booklet with information on tasting notes and how to steep your teas. Plus, unlike other boxes on this list, this subscription grants you access to a private Facebook group that is a hub for fellow tea lovers to discuss teas, recipes, and more.

Get DavidsTea 3 Month Subscription ($35)→

If You're Particular About When Your Tea Arrives

13 Best Tea Subscription Boxes To Try Right Now image

Simple’s monthly subscription allows you to customize your shipment both by type and frequency. Want to do only black teas and receive your shipment once a quarter? You can do that. Prefer a new shipment of green tea every month? They got you. With the standard monthly sampler, you get four types, which is enough for 28 cups. Also, your first shipment will include cotton filters to help you get started.

Get Simple Loose Leaf Tea Subscription (from $15 per month)→

If You Want to Try Multiple Brands at Once

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Sips By provides a specialized quiz to map out your flavor preferences, then ships you a monthly delivery of four teas that makes about 16 cups. They don’t grow or blend their own leaves, but instead, they partnered up with 150 brands to bring you such selections as Red Rose’s Blueberry Muffin herbal tea and Tea India’s Cardamom Chai. You’ll be able to check out a ton of new companies you’ve probably never heard of, as well as bigger ones like DavidsTea. By subscribing, you’ll also receive brew guides, tasting notes, and reusable filters.

Get Sips By Tea Subscription (from $16 per month)→

If You Like an Aesthetic Tea

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Rather than send you loose leaf tea or tea bags, Tea Drops sends, well…tea drops. Each drop is made of tea leaves with a bit of cane sugar compressed into a shape (be that a star, a heart, or otherwise) that dissolves in hot water. The monthly Tea Club subscription includes 16 tea drops of four different varieties that rotate each month, plus a “surprise” gift, exclusive expert interviews, and more.

Get Tea Drops Subscription ($25 per month)→

For Chai Lovers

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This Indian tea brand prides itself on sustainable sourcing and traditional blends. Subscribing to one of Vahdam’s teas may not include any extras, but chai lovers will find their Masala Chai blend to be a delicious Assam leaf mixed with Indian cardamom pods, cinnamon, cloves, and black pepper.

Get Vahdam Tea Subscription ($10 per month)→

The Budget-Friendly Option

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Dollar Tea Club’s name really says it all—each month, you’ll receive three loose leaf tea samples (enough to make six to nine cups with) at a dollar each. Every month features a different rotation, sourced from various growers across multiple continents, so you get an ample selection. If you’re looking for an inexpensive introduction to this world that also exposes you to many different tea types, this is a perfect subscription.

Get Dollar Tea Club Subscription ($3 per month)→

For Iced Tea Lovers

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Can you get a tea subscription but for iced tea instead of hot? Yes, that exists. Sign up for Free Your Tea’s subscription, and you’ll get an initial sampler with six types, followed by a monthly three-pack that makes between four to five gallons of iced tea. You’ll get the full range of leaves from black to green to Pu’er and even herbal flavors. Steep them hot and then chill, or let it rest overnight in cold water for a smoother flavor. And if you have a friend who loves their sweet tea, this is a perfect gift.

Get Free Your Iced Tea Club Subscription ($79 for 3 months)→

The Caffeine-Free Choice

13 Best Tea Subscription Boxes To Try Right Now image

What if you prefer herbal teas (also known as tisanes)? Free Your Tea has a wonderful caffeine-free tea subscription with blends like Lemon Chamomile, Yuzu Rooibos, and Ginger Mint Lemon. Just as with their Iced Tea subscription, you’ll get an initial sampler of six, followed by a monthly three pack that makes between four to five caffeine-free gallons.

Get Free Your Caffeine-Free Tea Club Subscription ($69 for 3 months)→

For Those Who Love to Learn

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Joining Global Tea Hut’s subscription is almost like joining a tea community: each month you get an issue of the brand’s magazine that focuses on a specific tea growing region, plus a sample from that region. What’s more, the “hut” of the company’s name refers to a meditation and education center in Miao Li, Taiwan that a portion of your subscription helps fund. It’s free to visit for subscribers. This is a subscription for those interested in digging deep into tea.

Get Global Tea Hut Subscription ($25 per month)→

The Japanese Tea Option

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If Tekuno’s subscription is the most expensive on our list, it is also one of the most unique. Tekuno is the ultimate in Japanese green tea—sourcing from various regions, production styles, and individual growers. Each month, get two different types of tea accompanied by brewing instructions, background, and tasting notes.

Get Tekuno Tea Subscription ($159 for 3 months)→

For the Wellness Enthusiast

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Respyre will send you two varieties of tea each month geared towards wellness and infused with various ingredients to promote health. The Ceylon black tea is blended with antioxidant-rich Goji berries, and the hibiscus herbal tea is known to help lower hypertension. The amount of tea sent each month is enough for 20-30 cups. Also, the subscription includes a guide to each of the teas you receive detailing tips and other insights on their wellness benefits.

Get Respyre Tea Subscription ($15 per month)→

For a Cozy British Tea Experience

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Are you the kind of tea drinker who enjoys a cup while curled up with a great book? Well, Vintage Teatime’s subscription is for you. Each month you’ll receive eight tea bags, a china tea cup, saucer, plate, a pack of tea biscuits, and a book. It’s like a quaint English cafe in a box. A note, though, this ships from the UK so prepare for some delays.

Get Vintage Teatime Tea Subscription ($42 per month)→

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