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April 29, 2021
The Absolute Best Mother’s Day Presents For Food and Drink Loving Moms
Because she already has a robe.

A Mother’s Day gift is a great way to show your appreciation and love, even if you’re spending the holiday apart. When it comes to picking something out, it’s a good idea to cater to one of your mom’s specific interests - whether it be growing her own food or her endless search for the perfect cup of coffee. If you vaguely know your mom loves cooking but aren’t sure how that translates to gift giving, think about upgrading a product she already uses for a surefire gift that won’t collect dust. And for the moms who already seem to have everything, you also can’t go wrong with sending over some baked goods.

Our team has put together the ultimate gift guide for even the pickiest moms, from a microwave cooking set that she can use everyday to an entire cake that promises an explosion of color and flavor.

We’re recommending this product because we actually use, and like, it. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission.

For The Mom Who Loves Pour Over Coffee

We love the Fellow Stagg electric kettle because it has everything you need to create the perfect cup of pour over coffee. The gooseneck spout has plenty of flow control to achieve an ideal bloom, and there’s a variable temperature control to ensure your beans are brewed just right.

Get a Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle ($169)→

For The Mom Who Loves A Nice Cocktail

Nick and Nora glasses are elegant, perfectly sized, and appropriate for 90% of cocktails. They’re also the ideal vessel for Martinis when you want to feel like you’re on a cruise ship in the 1950s, and maybe that’s something your mother would care do this weekend (and most weekends after). Go ahead and grab a six pack.

Get a Nick and Nora Glass six-pack ($34)→

For The Mom Who’s Into Cooking Asian Dishes

Omsom’s meal starters are a favorite among our staff, and they’d make a great gift for a mom who wants to cook dishes like spicy bulgogi, sisig, or lemongrass barbecue without a ton of effort or fuss.

Get The Omsom Bundle ($55) →

For The Mom Who Wants Aesthetic Cookware

If your mom doesn’t have a sprawling line of fancy cookware, the Our Place Always Pan is a great place to start. The unique shape of the Always Pan means your mom can use it for almost everything - plus, if she wants her kitchen to always look photo-ready, it looks great on the counter.

Get The Our Place Always Pan ($145)→

For The Mom Who Loves Saying EVOO

A high quality olive oil is a great Mother’s Day gift, and we love this brand that Ryan Walker-Hartshorn raved about. It’s made from olives grown in Calabria and has an especially rich flavor.

Get EXAU 2020 Harvest Lina Olive Oil ($28)→

For The Mom Who Craves West African Sauces And Flavors

These vegan soups from Egunsi Foods can be eaten on their own or used as a sauce starter for quick and hearty meals. Flavors include obe ata, melon seed egunsi, and peanut butter groundnut soup. These are also a great gift if your mom has dietary restrictions, since the soups are soy, dairy, and gluten-free.

Get Engunsi Foods Soup Bundle, 4-pack ($80)→

For The Mom Who Loves Sharing Wine

Whether your mom wants to channel Olivia Pope with her bottle of red or share hot goss with her neighbors over a glass of wine, pretty much everyone loves these hued glasses from Estelle Colored Glass.

Get Estelle Colored Glass Wine Stemware, 6-pack ($175)→

For The Mom Who Loves Her Microwave

If your mom’s idea of cooking mostly involves popping things into the microwave, these Anyday bowls make surprisingly good meals and look gorgeous to boot.

Get an Anyday Everday Set ($120) →

For The Mom Who (Understandably) Loves Both Ice Cream And Macarons

Ice cream is good. As are macarons. And when MILK in Los Angeles puts both of these things together then dips them in Fruity Pebbles, the results are predictably delicious. Get your mom a variety pack.

Get MILK Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich Best Seller, 6-pack ($89)→

For the Mom Who Can't Take Care Of Plants

If your mom loves to use fresh herbs but can’t keep a garden alive, this AeroGarden is as low maintenance as it gets. It includes six pods of gourmet herb seeds, all-natural plant nutrients, and a fully automated hydroponic growing system that doesn’t require soil (or mess).

Get AeroGarden Black Harvest Indoor Hydroponic Garden ($120)→

For The Mom That Loves Fried Foods

Bring your mom into the air fryer cult, trust us. These machines are not only great for ‘frying’ foods without a ton of oil, but they’re also perfect for toasting up leftover pizza, making super-crispy tofu nuggets, and more.

Get a Dash Crisp Electric Air Fryer ($60) →

For The WFH Mom

If your mom is working remotely, you can keep her coffee warm right at her desk by giving her the Ember Mug 2. She can use Ember’s companion app to choose her preferred coffee temperature (120°F - 145°F), and the mug can keep coffee hot for up to 1.5 hours on a single charge. If your mom also tends to forget to finish her coffee, the cup automatically turns itself off when it’s empty and will reawaken when it senses movement or liquid.

Get an Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2 ($100)→

For The Mom Who Comes With An Itinerary of Bakeries When She Visits

Chocolate chip cookies are nice, but your mother really needs some canelita, puerquitos, and Mexican mocha cookies from Fanny Gerson’s NYC-based La Newyorkina, a place she’s been meaning to visit for some time now.

Get La Newyorkina Mexican Cookie Lovers Box ($65)→

For The Self Described ‘Plant Mom’

For moms who don’t always murder their plants but might still need a little extra help growing herbs or veggies, this planter is pretty fool-proof. The pot uses a self-watering saucer and wick to pull up moisture as the soil needs it, so there’s no way your mom can overwater her favorite plant.

Get Zone Denmark Self Watering Herb Pot ($30)→

For The Mom Who Loves Espresso

If your mom misses going to her favorite café and just bought an espresso machine, these chic demitasse mugs will allow her to enjoy her morning coffee in style.

Get Serax X Ann Demeulemeester espresso cups, 2-pack ($15) →

For The Mom Who Loves Tiny Bowls

No one knows exactly why moms have an affinity for miscellaneous bowls (maybe it’s something covered in Mom School) but this set of adorable cabbage bowls from Bordallo Pinheiro is perfect to add to her collection. The glazed earthenware will brighten up any table setting but are also great for portioning out a midday snack.

Get Bordallo Pinheiro ceramic cabbage earthenware bowls, 2-pack ($42) →

For The Mom Who Loves Seasonal Dinnerware

If your mom is the perennial host, you know that seasonal servingware is everything. Give her this hand painted salad bowl just in time for summer gatherings, and the bright watermelon design will score her some major hostess points.

Get a Bordallo Pinheiro Watermelon Earthenware Salad Bowl ($61)→

For The Mom Who Wants To Do A Pie Tasting

Smaller pies have a better crust-to-filing ratio. Also, if you get a four-pack of four-inch pies from Peetee’s, your mom can pretend to be a judge on The Great British Bake Off. All competitors are worthy, but the chess pie will probably take home gold.

Get Peetee’s Pie Company Little Pie Best Seller, 4-pack ($49)→

For The Mom Who Needs An Apron Upgrade

Hedley and Bennett’s aprons are known for being ultra-functional without sacrificing style. Plus, they just re-released the much-hyped collaboration with Rifle Paper Co, so you can get one of their signature aprons with a beautiful floral print.

Get a Rifle Paper Co. x H&B Limited Edition Apron ($105)→

For The Mom That Loves Breakfast

If your mom loves daydreaming about her favorite bed and breakfast, this assortment of Bonne Maman preserves is just like those served at hotels and sleepy BnB’s, and it’s perfect for spreading on toast for a simple meal that exudes elegance.

Get Bonne Maman Assorted Preserves, 8-pack ($19)→

For The Mom Who’s On Her CSA’s Waiting List

For moms who love baking or enjoying fruits at the peak of their season, this fruit of the month club from Frog Hollow Farms will get her three deliveries of ripe peaches, plums, and more over three months, depending on what’s ready for harvest.

Get Frog Hollow Fruit of the Month Club ($200)→

For The Mom Who Already Has A Ton Of Plants

For moms who have already planted their summer vegetables, you can add to their existing edible garden by giving them this pink oyster mushroom grow kit. The mushroom kits from Back to the Roots are easy to grow indoors and have eco-friendly packaging, so your mom’s fungi journey won’t create a ton of waste. Once the mushrooms are grown and ready, they can be sautéed or thrown into a stir fry for a smack of unique flavor and texture.

Get a Back to the Roots Organic Pink Grow Kit, Harvest Gourmet Oyster Mushrooms ($20)→

For The Mom Who Just Wants A Big Colorful Cake

A relatively new dessert shop in Chicago, Sugargoat specializes in fun flavor combinations like pickled raisin oatmeal cookies and a Cheez-it cake topped with strawberry Nesquik buttercream and chocolate-covered Cheez-its. But if your mom isn’t ready for that (legitimately good) cake, there’s also this festive Mother’s Day special.

Get a Sugargoat by Stephanie Izard Citrus Mother’s Day Cake ($109)→

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