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9 Best Iced Tea Makers To Buy Right Now

Because summer isn’t over.

Somehow August is almost over and there are still 90 degree days in the forecast. While you could go for something fizzy or alcoholic, there’s something nostalgic and seasonally appropriate by opting for a cold glass of iced tea. Refreshing, without being too caffeinated, it’s the type of summer drink you associate with picnics and lazy afternoons. And it’s super easy to make too: the best way is by either steeping in hot water and then chilling, or brewing with cold water overnight.

Does that mean you need an iced tea brewer? Not necessarily but having one can make it easier. We rounded up the nine best iced tea makers from a portable thermos/steeper combo that lets you make some atop a mountain, to an automated brewer that cold froths milk, and even a gallon jug fit for a party. Read on for our picks.

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If You're Back to Commuting to Work

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What sets Palais des Thés’s thermos apart is that you steep the tea within the lid itself. Pop in your favorite, add some ice cubes and water, and let Le Nomade make your iced tea while you’re on route to work/that appointment/hiking on a Saturday morning. What’s more, the double-walled insulation will keep your iced tea cold for up to six hours.

Get Palais des Thés Le Nomade Tea Maker ($35)→

For the Multi-Tasker

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The Grosche Madrid brewer looks like a standard French Press, and it is, but switch out the plunger with the infuser and you suddenly have a perfect iced tea maker. Its sleek metal and glass design make it a nice tabletop addition, which comes in handy if you're tight on counter space.

Get Grosche Madrid 4-in-1 ($70)→

The One for Picnics

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This virtually indestructible iced tea maker holds a quart and allows you to bring it anywhere without worry. Fill it up before you head outside and the iced tea will be ready within minutes thanks to the fine mesh filter. The large basket size also allows loose leaf teas to full expand, giving you a more flavorful drink while the leak-proof lid means you can let it jostle in your car, or lay sideways, and nothing will spill.

Get Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker ($30)→

The Techie's Choice

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Breville’s Smart Tea Infuser comes with a setting for different tea types (green, black, oolong, etc), and steeps each for their appropriate time. If you want to minimize the guesswork or just want consistent flavor, this is the iced tea maker for you.

Get Breville Smart Tea Infuser ($180)→

For All the Options

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The Ninja not only prepares both coffee and tea, hot and cold, but also includes a milk frother. The frother has a cold setting that allows you to take your iced tea and add velvety cold milk to it. Top with a dash of lavender and you’re good to go. Iced London Fog, anyone?

Get Ninja Hot And Cold Brewed System ($180)→

The Flavor Infuser

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Want strawberry iced tea? Or maybe you’re looking to experiment with some new flavors (say rose petals or lavender)? The Primula includes a steeping basket as well as an “infuser” core wrapper around it that lets you try new flavors. If you’re looking to step up your iced tea game, or simply like to tinker with drinks, this is the one for you.

Get Primula Flavor-It Beverage System ($25)→

The Solo Option

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Sometimes you just want to enjoy a cup of iced tea to yourself. For those moments, this in-cup infuser is perfect. Place the basket into a glass, add tea leaves and cold water/ice, then let sit. The silicon handles keep the infuser from slipping off, and the small holes on the steeper ensure no leaves will leak out into the cup.

Get Brew In Mug Tea Infuser ($8)→

The Sliding Scale Steeper

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Say you like your iced tea very strong, but your partner or roommate prefers a much lighter tea. The Capresso has a slider on it that lets you control how weak or strong it will turn out. Set your steep strength, fill the glass pitcher with ice, and you’re ready to go. Or, keep your pitcher of iced tea in the fridge for another occasion.

Get Capresso Ice Tea Maker ($60)→

The Party Favorite

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Need to serve a lot of iced tea at once? This steeper has a 1-gallon capacity along with a spigot making this perfect for parties. Or maybe you just go through a ton of iced tea? Leave this gallon brewer in the fridge, and you will be stocked on iced tea for several days in a row.

Get Zulay 1-Gallon Cold Brewer ($51)→

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