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August 26, 2021
15 Storage Containers That’ll Keep Your Food Fresher, Longer
Because inevitably, there will always be leftovers.
Written by
Anjali Rao

Whether you’re doing an ambitious Sunday meal prep or recently dusted off an incredibly detailed Julia Child cookbook only to find that your coq au vin serves ten rather than two, you should know that we’ve all been there. Or maybe you ordered way too many dumplings at your local go-to spot and have no room to stash the oversized take-out containers in your abnormally small fridge. When these things happen, you have to figure out a way to store, put away, and divvy up your bites for another day.

Sometimes, some good old aluminum foil (or a beeswax wrap) can do the trick. But we think your food deserves more than that. From a heavy-duty multi-tiered situation that lets your foods stay neatly separated to a gorgeous glittery bento box and the ultimate vault to keep your cheeses fresh, here’s our lowdown on the food storage containers that will make your life, and, most importantly, your food that much fresher, and thereby tastier.



The Absolute Best Flatware Sets For Any Dining Scenario


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For A Heavy-Duty Situation

If you can see my name at the top of this article, you can probably tell that I’m Indian. Therefore, there was no way in hell I could write a piece about the ultimate food storage containers and not include a tiffin. With multiple tiers, these bad boys have been a staple at Indian family picnics all across the world. Made of stainless steel and boasting three stackable boxes, this is the absolute best way to ensure all of your goodies remain un-squished.

Get Onyx Stainless Steel Tiffins ($28) →

If You're On A Meal Prep Kick

Meal prep. It’s a lifestyle — one that some subscribe to at all times. And others try when January 1st rolls around, and it’s time to make some healthier decisions. It doesn’t matter why you meal prep. It’s more about how you meal prep. With these Rubbermaid leak-proof containers, it’s that much easier to enjoy the benefits of a health-conscious lifestyle.

Get Rubbermaid Leak-Proof Brilliance Food Storage 12-Piece Plastic Containers with Lids ($25) →

A One-Size-Does-Not-Fit-All Option

If you’re on the hunt for durable food storage containers in (almost) literally every size, I got you. Do you see how many are included in this ultimate pack? Thirty. There are thirty containers. With so many options, you can find the right box to fit your leftovers no matter how big or small.

Get Rubbermaid Easy Find Vented Lids Food Storage Containers, Set of 30 ($35) →

When You're On The Go

Some of us may be headed back to the office soon, and there’s no better way to pack your lunch than in a bento. With two tiers and a bright colorful band to keep everything in place, I love this microwave-safe beauty. It’s as functional as it is cute — just don’t go nuts with liquids, as this container isn’t leak-proof.

Get Takenaka Bento Box ($29) →

A Way To Save Space

As a Manhattanite, it’s fair to say the size of my kitchen is laughable. Most city dwellers need to get crafty when it comes to how they use their space, and that’s where these collapsible bowls come in. Taking up way less room than traditional storage containers, these are great options for those who have cooking spaces that are on the tinier side.

Get Progressive International CB-20 Storage Bowls with Lids, Set of 3 ($17) →

A Cute Nesting Set

If you aren’t a fan of collapsable bowls, these nested storage containers also save space and can double up as mixing bowls. Not to mention, they’re super cute and dinner-party approved. Just serve whatever you’re cookin’ in these, and toss them in the dishwasher after.

Get Microwavable Nested Storage Bowls ($64) →

If "Fancy" Is Your Middle Name

I know, $150 is a pretty penny to throw down on a fruit bowl. But hear me out. This large ceramic beaut has a temperature-stable hiding spot for potatoes, onions, or all of your not-quite-ripe fruits, with some extra space on top for all the things that need to breathe. The coolest part? The cork lid was inspired by an old trick where people would toss wine corks in their fruit bowls to ward off fruit flies. This bowl is pretty and functional, and I think most of us can get down with that.

Get Emile Henry French Ceramic Storage Bowl ($100-$150) →

When You Want To Keep It Cheesy

Not all storage containers are created equal. Certain foods need certain things. Cheese, for example, can’t be stored just anywhere — and it really shouldn’t be tossed in the back of your fridge wrapped in plastic. Cheese needs to eliminate excess moisture as it ages, and it needs to breathe or you’ll end up with some very moldy goods on your hands (because it ages much too quickly). This silicone container is the perfect way to keep your artisan cheeses fresh, wicking moisture away with a lid so snug there’s no way any other fridge flavors will make their way into your cheese’s taste.

Get CapaBunga Cheese Vault ($34-$60) →

Because Glitter Makes Everything Better

I know it’s not necessarily a fact that glitter makes everything better — but I do think it’s nice to open your fridge, peek inside, and see something sparkly staring back at you. With five compartments, there are so many ways to store your food in this cutie, while keeping things glitzy.

Get No Kid Hungry® Recycled Confetti Glitter Bento Box ($23) →

For Fans Of The Classics

It’s safe to say that Pyrex is a glassware legend. These aren’t your average Pyrex containers, though. With rich acacia lids, they’re an attractive twist on an old classic. The durable glass bowls and silicone gaskets keep contents looking cute and super fresh.

Get Pyrex 6-Pc. Storage Set with Wood Lids ($26) →

Make Your Pantry Chic

Uniform pantries are in. Switch out your bulky jars for these better, stackable storage containers. With straight sides, these are so much easier to get all your dry goods to fit snugly. Plus, they look pretty good too.

Get Mepal Modula Stackable Storage Containers ($80) →

For Foods That Need Some Preservation

These Weck glass jars have been popular in Europe for a hot minute. With tapered silhouettes that make them easy to fill, plus rubber-ringed lids that create airtight seals, they’re as convenient as they are useful for preserving or storing food.

Get Weck Mold Jars ($25) →

Because No One Likes Soggy Salads

No one. I repeat, no one likes soggy salad. Luckily, this ultimate salad container exists. Its three compartments can accommodate whatever dressings and toppings you want, with no hassle and no mess.

Get Bentgo Grey Salad Container ($15) →

Get It In The Bag

Who even uses plastic bags anymore? This food-grade silicone bag has an airtight pinch-lock seal to keep food fresh, and it’s dishwasher/microwave safe. I think it is fair to say that there is literally no reason to ever rely on Ziploc anymore.

Get Stasher Half Gallon Reusable Silicone Storage Bag ($22) →

A Way To Keep Your Greens Fresh

If you’re like me, you are a victim of buying arugula from Trader Joe’s only to see that it has gone bad a couple days after you opened it. When a clip doesn’t suffice, this Rubbermaid container will work. With FreshVent technology to regulate airflow, your produce will stay fresher for longer.

Get Rubbermaid FreshWorks Saver, Large Produce Storage Container, 18.1-Cup ($10) →

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