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July 9, 2021
The Best Things We’ve Tried Recently, From Pizza Bites To Miso Chili Oil
Our latest home and kitchen finds.
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Here at The Infatuation, we’re always on the lookout for the best stuff. The best restaurants, for example, and even the best canned wine. Generally, this requires a good amount of research — but sometimes we just happen to stumble across things we never knew we needed in the first place. And that’s what you’ll find right here on this list.

This month, the best products we’ve tried range from a candle that smells like a damp forest in October to some merino wool coasters and a box of truffle-flavored chips that will satisfy your urge to be in a Japanese convenience store. Read on for our latest finds.



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Bierfilzl Square Coasters

“I never felt the need for coasters until I bought a very fancy, expensive side/coffee table. Now I’m terrified to put anything on there without some sort of physical barrier, preferably something that’s thick and soft, like these felt coasters. Not only do they absorb condensation from my drinks, there’s also absolutely no risk of scratching the marble top.”

- Diana Tsui

Get a Bierfilzl Square Coaster Felt Multi 6 Pack ($36) →

Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven

“I got this for my dad for Father’s Day, and when I visited him for 4th of July he made a pork sugo with pull beans because he’s Italian. The pan heats pretty evenly, comes preseasoned, and costs way less than Staubs or Le Cresuets.”

- Carlo Mantuano

Get a Lodge 6 Quart Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven ($70) →

Plastic Free Bee's Wrap

“I’ve been searching for lightweight reusables to take snacks and food on the go, and I really enjoyed the tactile feeling of wrapping and unwrapping my meal with this beeswax wrap. The sandwich wrap even has a string and button to secure your sandwich or whatever else you’re packing.”

- Anne Cruz

Get a Plastic Free Bee’s Wrap National Geographic Explorer Pack ($21) →

LH Cadina Chips Box, Truffle Flavor

“When I was in Tokyo I finally tried the Calbee truffle flavored chips that all my friends raved about, and the snack lived up to the hype. They were like tiny, crispy french fries dipped in truffle salt. Since they’re impossible to find, I had to grab 10 packs to stuff in my suitcase. These, while not from Calbee, are very similar and just as satisfying, so I no longer have to dream about my favorite Japanese convenience store snack.”

- Diana Tsui

Get a LH Cadina Chips Box, Truffle Flavor (5 pack) ($5) →

Calabrian Chiles in Oil

“After many attempts to perfect an Instagrammable spicy vodka sauce à la Carbone, my sister gifted me these Calabrian chiles, and they’ve been a staple in all of my sauces ever since. I also drizzle the oil on pizza.”

- Tessa Kenney

Get Calabrian Chiles in Oil ($13 – $26) →

Haus Grapefruit Jalapeño

“I’ve been loving Haus for nights when I want something a bit lighter or when day drinking starts a bit too early to dive right in. The Grapefruit Jalapeño flavor is definitely my favorite. I like it on the rocks with a splash of seltzer. ”

- Alexandra Flowers

Get Haus Grapefruit Jalapeño ($35) →

Original Djablo Sauce

“I recently went up to the Catskills (as every good New York Jewish person is wont to do in the summertime) and bought a bottle of Djablo’s original Filipino hot sauce from Harana Market just outside of Woodstock. It’s made in small batches in Long Island City and has a thicker quality than most of the other spicy condiments I have at home. Imagine a zingy green paste that tastes like garlic and ginger. Put it on eggs, put it on chicken, put it on anything that needs a quick facelift.”

- Hannah Albertine

Get Original Djablo ($10) →

Okazu Chili Miso Oil by Abokichi

“By this point, anyone reading about food and kitchen products is already knee deep in chili crisp. Even still, I’d like to throw another name into the ring: Abokichi’s Okazu chili miso. The contents of this jar - thick and luscious on the bottom, with a loose layer of chili oil on top - pack a level of umami that my go-to Lao Gan Ma simply doesn’t. I’ve been adding it to everything from sautéed summer squash to salads to popcorn.”

- Hannah Albertine

Get Abokichi Okazu Chili Miso ($17) →

Occo Any-Season One Pan Meals

“One pet peeve of mine is having to buy very specific spices for recipes, only to have them go to waste. Why do I need a giant bottle of fennel seeds if I’m only going to use a tablespoon at most? That’s where Occo comes in. They have pre-portioned, recyclable spice pods that come in these little books. While you can get ones that feature your lesser-used ingredients, the pre-made mixes are also convenient. My current favorite is Chef Gregory Gourdet’s Any-Season One Pan Meals that feature blends for dishes like Hot Honey Roasted Chicken & Carrots or Jerk Veggies with 7-Minute Eggs. Occo also has a great burger blend just in time for grilling season as well.”

- Diana Tsui

Get Occo Any-Season One Pan Meals Seasoning Cards ($20) →

Goodee x TALA Gaia Bulb Pendant

“Another item I finally got was a proper light source for my living room/dining area. While the exact one I own, which features a TALA bulb, is currently on backorder until fall, this pendant is very similar. Don’t expect a bright, harsh light from this bulb — it’s more like soft candlelight to set a vibe while you’re eating dinner.”

-Diana Tsui

Get a Goodee x TALA Gaia Bulb Pendant ($100) →

Keap Wood Cabin Candle

“As a former resident of the Pacific Northwest, I always seek out candles that smell like evergreen trees. It’s a purely nostalgic impulse, and a candle gets immediate bonus points if it reminds me of camping in a forest where it recently rained. And that’s almost precisely what Keap’s Wood Cabin candle smells like. The coniferous scent is subtle, however, and it’s balanced by some light smoke and just a hint of baking spice.”

- Bryan Kim

Get a Keap Wood Cabin Candle ($50) →

Snow Days Pizza Bites

“I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical about these at first, but wow did they deliver. These grain-free pizza bites are full of flavor, and, according to the company, contain ‘zero crap.’ They will still completely burn your mouth if you eat them right out of the oven, so bite with caution.”

- Alexandra Flowers

Get Snows Days Grain-Free Pizza Bites ($31 for a 2-pack) →

Onda Origins Coffee

“I’m always in the search of great whole bean coffee and coffee that’s sourced and made ethically. Onda Origins offers both great taste and production transparency — revenue from your purchase goes straight to the grower so that workers earn higher wages and growers can implement more sustainable growing techniques.”

- Anne Cruz

Get Onda Origins Cocarive / Brazil Coffee Beans ($15) →

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