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March 26, 2021
The Best Easter Candy, According To Us
It’s time to eat some chocolate eggs.

There are only so many days a year when the consumption of candy is not only condoned, it’s an expectation. So as we approach another big one next Sunday, don’t just settle for whatever sugary things you can find within a two-block radius of your home. Take advantage of that thing called the “internet” and summon the best Easter candy to your doorstep. Here’s a full list of the April-appropriate, candy-coated things we suggest, with everything from peanut-butter-filled eggs and spring-colored jelly beans to chocolate bunnies and the milk chocolate carrots you need in order to feed them.

(This guide does not, unfortunately, include any Peeps or Cadbury Creme Eggs. Are those things festive? Yes. But top-tier candies they are not.)



I’m Celebrating Fake Spring By Drinking Out Of Colorful Glassware


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The Perfect Ratio

You can’t have an Easter candy list without something that has peanut butter in it. Ideally, you’d get the bunny-shaped Reese’s and bite off an ear - but those seem to be sold out, so get some eggs instead. In purely scientific terms, they have the perfect chocolate-to-peanut butter ratio.

Get Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs ($13) →

A Better Cadbury Egg

Cadbury Creme Eggs are, arguably, horrifying. Possibly even nightmare fodder that would make that giant egg-legged creature from the Upside Down say, “Hey, enough.” But if you like them, no judgment. We prefer these solid milk chocolate eggs that are just as festive but don’t try to simulate the early life cycle of a bird.

Get Cadbury Mini Eggs ($27) →

The Overseas Contender

The thing about working with Australian people is that they often try to tell you how Australian things are better. And, sometimes, they’re right. But is the Australian representative at the Infatuation correct in thinking that these Cadbury Dairy Milk Eggs are, in fact, superior to the American ones? Order a bag, and discuss amongst yourselves.

Get Cadbury Dairy Milk Eggs ($13) →

Fair Trade Chocolate That Tastes Like Candy

A lot of fair trade chocolate winds up being something like 1000% cacao with chili flakes and chunky sea salt - almost as if it doesn’t want to be associated with candy. Tony’s, on the other hand, is ethical and fair trade, and it genuinely tastes like candy. We’re big fans of the Dark Milk Chocolate Pretzel flavor, and yes, you can order these for Easter despite the fact that they aren’t shaped like eggs.

Get Tony’s Chocolonely Bars ($30 for 6) →

Some Eggs We’d Very Much Like To Try

Wait, Tony’s makes chocolate eggs? Yes. But currently, these highly coveted eggs are sold out. They should have more soon but if you’re really adamant of getting your hands on some right now, they’re also at Whole Foods.

Get Tony’s Chocolonely Great Big Chocolate Eggs ($7) →

A Classic Variety Pack

Economy Candy is a New York City institution. It’s like a theme park, but instead of rides and booths selling funnel cake, it just has candy. If you’d like to make this place part of a new Easter Sunday ritual, order yourself a candy variety pack through Goldbelly.

Get the Economy Candy x Goldbelly Easter Pack ($69) →

Starburst That Aren't Wrapped Individually

Unsurprisingly, these Starburst jelly beans taste like Starburst. So why not just buy Starburst? Because you can’t eat those by the fistful. Also, they’re tough and chewy. These beans, on the other hand, are texturally superior and come housed in a plastic jug with a fist-sized hole.

Get Starburst Jelly Beans ($13) →

Fun Surprises (That Aren’t Really Surprises)

If you’re too old for a proper Easter basket, but you still feel like you deserve a present, preferably as a surprise, allow us to introduce Kinder Joy Eggs. They come with little toys inside. Don’t eat the toys.

Get Kinder Joy Eggs ($23) →

A Serving Of Easter Elegance

Well, this just got fancy. From NYC fine-dining stalwart Daniel Boulud comes these hand-painted eggs made with everything from pistachio praline to basil-scented strawberry ganache. Put on your Sunday finest, and enjoy.

Get Artisanal Hand Painted Chocolate Eggs ($65) →

Candy To Leave In Random Places Around Your Home

That small table by your front door? It could use a bowl of Jelly Bellys. Ditto your coffee table and probably also every surface in your home. Even if you haven’t had someone over in six months, throwing some jelly beans in a scattered assortment of crystal bowls is simply the hospitable thing to do.

Get a Jelly Belly Jewel Spring Mix Gift Bag ($9) →

The Only Bunny You Need

You don’t really need a massive chocolate bunny. First off, they’re hard to consume. Also, the chocolate usually isn’t that good. So go for this Lindt bunny instead. It weighs in at a modest seven ounces, and it’s somewhat fancy without being ostentatious. Aside from the tiny bell around the neck. That’s pretty ostentatious.

Get a Milk Chocolate Lindt Gold Bunny ($15) →

The Dark Chocolate Alternative

Not to sound like a corporate spokesperson for Lindt (master Swiss chocolatier since 1845), but their bunny also comes in dark chocolate.

Get a Dark Chocolate Lindt Gold Bunny ($14) →

Gummies That Look As Good As They Taste

You could buy these Sugarfina candies purely for the cute packaging, and that would be fine. You’ve bought things for worse reasons. But if you need to bolster your rationale, consider the fact that Sugarfina’s gummies are perfectly tart and chewy.

Get a Sugarfina Easter 4 Pack ($15) →

Food For Your Bunnies

Wait, how did we wind up back on Lindt? We can explain. These carrots are adorable, and your chocolate bunnies require sustenance. This is not (really) an ad for Lindt.

Get Lindt Chocolate Carrots ($10) →

A Mini Egg To Savor

Here’s the best way to consume a Madelaine chocolate egg: gently peel back the delicate foil, inspect your egg for any stray foil bits, then place the egg on your tongue and carefully close your mouth. Next, refrain from speaking for the next half hour as the chocolate gradually melts.

Get Madelaine Chocolates Easter Eggs ($10) →

The Left Field Candidate

Technically, this is not an Easter-specific candy - but, somehow, Arizona Iced Tea managed to recreate their drinks in gummy candy form. These will serve as a pleasant reminder of when you used to drink Arizona on a hot spring day as a kid, and maybe that’s ultimately what Easter means to you.

Get Arizona Fruit Snacks ($23) →

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