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June 23, 2021
27 Stylish Drinking Glasses To Upgrade Your Dinner Table
Our favorite tumblers, highballs, and multi-colored glassware sets.
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How’s your glassware looking? Chipped? Hodgepodge? Nonexistent? If you answer yes to any of the above, it’s time for an upgrade. Some solid (and preferably stylish) everyday drinkware is a kitchen essential on par with nice plates and a good set of pans, and there are options out there for every budget. The thing is, there are arguably too many options available - so here’s a curated list of our favorite high-quality, well-designed drinking vessels. It has bright jewel-toned glassware and ornate mini-goblets as well as a bunch of practical, minimalist options for anyone who likes to understate how tasteful they are. Just follow your heart. You can’t go wrong.



I Have A Massive Google Sheet Of Everything You Need For Your First Kitchen, Here’s What’s On It


We’re recommending these products because we actually use, and like, them. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission.

A Great Colorful Option

These Maison Balzac glasses have seemingly paper-thin walls, yet they still somehow feel sturdy. The tasteful color options are another huge plus (we’re partial to mint), and if you wind up liking these glasses as much as we do, you can grab a matching pitcher.

Get Maison Balzac Glass Cups ($12) →

The Chic Upgrade

Similarly lightweight, just a little taller with a slightly more design-y approach, these Maison Balzac Coucou glasses are perfect for the modern home where people don’t break things.

Get Maison Balzac Coucou Glasses ($75 for 2) →

A Modern Classic

Don’t underestimate a classic. Duralex Gigogne tumblers are sturdy, attractive, reasonably priced, and pleasantly ergonomic. They’re also great for Negronis.

Get Duralex Gigogne Tumblers ($20 for 6) →

Another Go-To

Prefer something a little more angular? Try some sturdy, flared Picardie tumblers from Duralex. They’re classics as well, and they come in a bunch of different sizes.

Get Duralex Picardie Tumblers ($22 for 6) →

A New Essential

Our Place is mostly known for their Always Pan, a multi-purpose piece of cookware that we’re pretty big fans of. But they make some other stuff, such as nice porcelain plates and these stackable drinking glasses, which are available in a few different retro-leaning shades.

Get Our Place Drinking Glasses ($50 for 4) →

Glasses From A Startup Favorite

Made In is another cookware startup making some exceptional pots and pans (check out the stainless steel ones, and they also make glasses now. Given what we’ve already tried from this company, these seem like a no-brainer.

Get Made In Drinking Glasses ($49 for 4) →

Our Low-Profile Choice

Chroma Glassware from Hawkins New York is cool, functional, and just minimalist enough. We especially like the shorter 6oz glasses, which work for everything from water to whiskey.

Get Handblown Chroma Glassware ($60 for 6) →

An Attractive Do-It-All Set

To cover the vast majority of your glassware needs (in style), pick up a complete set of 36 Stackable Bodega Glasses from Bormioli Rocco. The set comes with three different sizes, and the glasses themselves have a timeless aesthetic that should work in any home.

Get Stackable Bodega Glasses ($95 for 36) →

Some Feel-Good Glassware

The proper festive glassware can single-handedly lift your mood. Case in point: these ethereal, jewel-toned Gem Tumblers. Get a set, and make sure they’re visible at all times.

Get Gem Tumblers ($60 for 4) →

Crowd-Pleasing Tumblers

These tulip-shaped Food52 glasses are reminiscent of the Duralex Gigogne tumblers, but with a modern update. They’re also around the same price point, with two different sizes available.

Get Five Two Stackable Glassware ($30 for 6) →

The Design-y Route

Who says glassware needs to be uniform? Some people, probably. But this set from ferm Living derives its charm from the fact that each glass is unique. The smoky grey shade is also great for anyone whose aesthetic is “no vibrant colors,” and you can stack the glasses together.

Get ferm Living Ripple Glasses ($55 for 4) →

A Glass That Belongs In A Gallery

If you demand originality and need all of your glasses to function as tiny sculptures, allow us to introduce the Bubble Cup from Brooklyn-based Sticky. Pricey? Yes. But this is art you can drink from.

Get a Sticky Bubble Cup ($60-80) →

For The Ceramics Enthusiast

Technically, these aren’t glasses, but if you’re as into ceramics as we are, you should appreciate these glazed stoneware tumblers (handmade in Vermont) with their sturdy, rustic appeal.

Get a Farmhouse Pottery Silo Tumbler ($42) →

An Extremely Charming Tumbler

Once again, not glassware. But we’re huge fans of East Fork in general, and we wanted to share with you this little 6.5oz juice cup. It is, arguably, the most adorable way to drink something, and you can pick from a handful of glazes.

Get an East Fork Juice Cup ($22) →

East Fork-Endorsed Glassware

East Fork doesn’t actually make these delicate peach-colored glasses, but they do sell them. Designed by R+D Lab and mouth-blown in Italy, consider them the fashionable glassware counterparts to your equally covetable East Fork plates.

Get Luisa Acqua Glasses ($112 for 2) →

A Subtle Hint Of Color

Maybe you’re just looking for a tiny pop of color. These streamlined glasses from Hay have little golden circles embedded in the base and will provide you your requisite flair.

Get a Hay Colour Glass ($19) →

An Updated Take On The Classics

Classic and understated, with a modern profile, these are some great everyday glasses for all-purpose use. Juice, cocktails, doesn’t matter. You’ll rarely go wrong with Libbey.

Get a Libbey® Glass Polaris Axis 16-Piece Drinkware Set ($40) →

Fancy Everyday Glasses

For a little more personality, try these Luigi Bormioli highballs. They’re made in Italy and have subtle ridges around the outside to make your water seem fancier than it is.

Get Luigi Bormioli Jazz Highball Glasses ($30 for 4) →

Big, Practical Drinking Vessels

Sometimes, you just need something with a big, wide mouth that you can chug orange juice out of when you wake up at 6am and regret being awake. Here’s our suggestion. These glasses are big and no-nonsense, and you’ve probably already seen them in someone’s home.

Get Luminarc Working Glass 16-Piece Glassware Set ($32) →

For When You're Feeling Fancy

Choose elegance. Choose style. Choose these stackable Tower Tumblers from Schott Zwiesel. Fine-dining restaurants tend to use water glasses with stems, and these German glasses offer that same high-end feel.

Get Schott Zwiesel Tower Tumblers ($60 for 6) →

A Perfectly Minimalist Highball

We’re always on the lookout for exceedingly simple glasses that aren’t too involved and don’t have unnecessarily heavy bases. These ones from Public Goods are exactly that, and they’re relatively inexpensive as well.

Get Public Goods Tumblers ($25 for 4) →

Glassware That's Also Decor

We’ve covered a lot of plain-looking glasses thus far (because that’s typically where our tastes gravitate), but if you’re looking for something a little more out of the ordinary, take a look at these Bombay Glasses. They’d fit right in at your next Bridgerton viewing party.

Get Bombay Glasses ($40 for 4) →

A Universal Option

The majority of cocktail glassware can also be used for everyday stuff (such as water, apple juice, or, if you’re hungover, Gatorade.) And that’s especially true of highballs. So if you’re looking to stock your cupboard without having to buy a bunch of unnecessary glasses, Cocktail Kingdom is a wonderful choice. These tall glasses are perfect for just about everything.

Get Buswell Collins Glasses ($25 for 6) →

Something To Use On Your Porch

It’s fun to drink out of a glass that’s shaped like a can. That’s reason number one why you should buy these. Libbey’s Classic Can tumblers also look great, they have plenty of capacity, and the tapered tops keep you from spilling.

Get Libbey Classic Can Tumbler Glasses ($19 for 4) →

The Bare Essentials

Let’s say you don’t need anything fancy and you’re offended that we thought you did. There’s nothing wrong with that. This basic set of eight glasses will get you through 90% of your drinking scenarios, at a great price.

Get an Amazon Basics Admiral 16-Piece Old Fashioned and Coolers Glass Drinkware Set ($30) →

For Next-Level Entertaining

At the other end of the spectrum, we have Sophie Lou Jacobsen’s Ripple Glasses. Unlike anything else out there, these colorful, undulating pieces of borosilicate glass will sufficiently impress any guests in your home. Don’t forget to grab a matching pitcher.

Get Sophie Lou Jacobsen Ripple Cups ($90 for 4) →

Another Statement Piece

Lateral Objects makes some of our favorite glassware - specifically, these hand-blown Gradient Glasses that enhance the appearance of any beverage. They come in a few different color combinations (all of which are worthy of your home), and they look great just sitting empty on a shelf.

Get a Red & Blue Malibu Gradient Glass ($40) →

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