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13 Best Matcha Sets To Buy Right Now

Options whether you prefer traditional utensils or time-saving gadgets to prepare your tea.

Choosing the right matcha powder isn’t the only thing you need when preparing the drink. You’re going to need the right tools, whether you prefer to make it the traditional way or take a modern day shortcut.

But before we dive into what goes into making a perfectly creamy, grassy cup of tea, here’s a quick recap of what matcha is: The finely milled green tea powder originated in China in the 8th century and in the 16th century, the Japanese began to incorporate the beverage into tea ceremonies, used as a way to focus on mindfulness and spirituality. These ceremonies, also known as Chado, is what we commonly associate with matcha in Western countries. Nowadays, the powder is also incorporated into desserts, smoothies, pasta, and more. The best, which is commonly used for beverages, is ceremonial grade while culinary grade is ideal for baked goods and other dishes.

Several utensils were developed for Chado that include a whisk (typically made from bamboo), a whisk holder, a serving spoon, and a bowl for both whisking the powder into tea and then drinking from. These days you can go for that route or you can also opt for modern day shortcuts, in the form of electric frothers and other gadgets.

Whether you’re looking for something traditional or want something casual for your morning cup, these are the best matcha sets to buy right now.

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The Best Matcha, According To Experts And Enthusiasts

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The Traveler's Kit

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Here’s a very modern spin on enjoying matcha that’s less about the mindfulness process and more about convenience, especially if you’re the type who’s constantly running around. Art of Tea has created a shaker that makes their light, delicious, ceremonial-grade matcha anywhere you are. Just add one of their to-go packets, cold or warm water, shake for 20 seconds, and voila. You don’t need a whisk, bowl, or scoop. One kit comes with the glass shaker and 12 packets.

Get Art of Tea Matcha On The Go Set ($50)→

The Beginner's Choice

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If you’re looking for a beginner-friendly traditional matcha set, this kit has all the basics. Included in the set is a whisk and spoon, a bowl for frothing and drinking, and a packet of David’s Tea’s Matcha Matsu powder that makes 45-50 cups. Known for its creamy consistency, it’s a great gift for anyone who loves tea.

Get David’s Tea Matcha Essentials ($40)→

The Matcha Set From the Year 3021

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Cuzen’s Matcha Maker looks like a device time-traveled from the future: everything is contained in one sleek machine. Fill the hopper with loose tea leaves, and let it take care of the rest. The device grinds the leaves into a powder, combines it with water, and blends the entire mixture in a cup with a magnetic whisk. You’re not getting the analog joy of preparing matcha, but it’s a very cool device and will impress anyone you have over.

Get Cuzen Matcha Maker Starter Kit ($369)→

A Set for You and a +1

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While most other sets on this list come with only one bowl, this has two—a gift for you and your partner to enjoy together. You’ll also receive a matcha whisk, whisk holder, sieve, serving scooper, and a choice of either Morning Matcha (which has bitter end notes), or the premium Kama Matcha (which has no astringency to it).

Get MatchaSource Focus Tea Set ($125)→

The Electric Option

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Traditionally, matcha is whisked by hand with a bamboo whisk. But this is the 21 century and there are no rules. So, why not use an electric frother that speeds up the entire process? MatchaBar’s Starter Kit features an electric, USB-rechargeable frother, along with a metal serving scoop, and ceremonial-grade matcha powder.

Get MatchaBar Starter Kit ($55)→

The Full Set

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Where other matcha sets may only include 2, maybe 4 tools, the Hautall set includes 11 different pieces. You’ll get a matcha whisk, whisk holder, traditional serving scoop, bamboo spoon, bowl, matcha powder caddy, tea cloth, tea cloth holder, scoop holder, sieve, and bamboo tea mat. The one thing it doesn’t include? Matcha tea itself but we have you covered with some recs and tips on how to use all the tools here.

Get Hautall 11-Piece Matcha Tool Set ($33)→

For a Chilled Alternative

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Yes, matcha can be iced. This shaker kit is the perfect gift for someone who prefers their drinks over ice or can be a new way to prepare matcha for the longtime drinker. Harney & Sons’ set also includes a metal serving spoon and a tin of their Jobetsugi Matcha tea.

Get Harney & Sons Iced Matcha Set ($27)→

The All-in-One Option

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T2′s flask is a pretty ingenious design: what looks like a regular Nalgene hides a metal matcha whisk underneath the cap. Add your matcha powder and water, shake, and you’ll be on your day with a container full of tea. This is another set where you’ll have to buy the tea separately but T2 also happens to sell that as well.

Get T2 Insulated Matcha Tea Flask with Stainless Steel Whisk ($35)→

For the Person Who Wants to Learn About the History and Traditions

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For some, learning about the process of matcha and diving deep into its history and traditions are just as enjoyable as the preparation process itself. If that sounds like what you’d do on a Tuesday night, you don’t need to fall into a YouTube hole (although that’s also a great way to learn!). For a less screen-intensive way of getting in some knowledge, get this set that not only includes an electric frother, metal serving spoon, and sieve, but also includes a handbook that goes into recipes, techniques, and more.

Get Jade Leaf Modern Matcha Set ($15)→

For Matcha Latte Lovers

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Golde’s matcha is designed to be used in lattes and smoothies. The kit features their electronic ‘superwhisk’ which is tiny and extremely powerful (make sure to use a large cup) and a tin of their matcha. All you need to do is add in your favorite milk or smoothie blend and you’ll have yourself a delicious cup.

Get Golde Superwhisk & Matcha Kit ($45)→

If You’re Into Latte Blends With Benefits

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Adaptogens are ingredients like probiotics, reishi, and ashwagandha that are used in ayurvedic medicine to help promote things like energy, mental clarity, digestion, and more. Clevr adds them to all of their latte blends, which includes matcha, a turmeric one in conjunction with Diaspora Co., as well as a cacao-based one and a chai. Unlike some adaptogenic infused drinks that can taste like a little _too_earthy, these taste like how they should. Expect grassy matcha, spicy turmeric, fragrant chai, and soothing hot cocoa. It also includes an electric USB whisk which is really powerful — use a large container or you’ll wind up with latte all over your countertop.

Get Clevr Latte Lovers Bundle ($129)→

The Artisanal Option

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This matcha set by Hibik-An is part of their seasonal series, and is available through the end of the summer. While it doesn’t include any matcha (Hibiki-An sells that too), it does come with a whisk, whisk holder, serving spoon, and a handcrafted Kyo Yaki earthenware bowl (Kyo Yaki being a type of ceramic made specifically in Kyoto). Suffice it to say, this set will make you want to prepare your matcha with the same attention to detail and craft as went into the tools themselves.

Get Hibiki-An Geppakuyu Matcha Starter Set ($117)→

The Very Fancy One

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It may be one of the more expensive kits on this list, but Saihoji’s Ceremonial Matcha Set comes with their luxurious single-estate Raku Paradise matcha, a porcelain bowl, whisk, serving scooper, sieve, and a traditional kiribako box to store it all. For centuries, the Kiribako box is how tea masters have stored their tools, and Saihoji sources theirs from the Fujii family who uses tannin-rich paulownia wood.

Get Saihoji Ceremonial Matcha Set ($283)→

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