Tandem Coffee + Bakery

It would be extremely wise of you to stay at a hotel or Airbnb near one of Tandem’s two locations (we’re partial to the Congress Ave. one). That way, you don’t have to waste time before you stand in line for what will be a magical, caffeine- and pastry-filled morning. You can even skip the line by ordering online for pickup at a separate window and take a seat on their covered benches to enjoy Portland’s best coffee shop each morning.

But Tandem really is more than that—it’s also home to some of the best pastries we’ve ever eaten. This is the place to fill your table with biscuits, icing-covered morning buns the size of your head, and several slices of pie, and decide that there is no better way to do breakfast. Especially since you have a place nearby to take a nap afterward.

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