Công Tū Bôt

Công Tử Bột has gone through various changes inside their pink walls, but their newest iteration feels like a shiny new beginning. Inspired by the Vietnamese quán nhậu (think: izakaya or gastropub), Công Tử Bột focuses on small plates with natural wines, local beer, and cocktails ideal for drinking, snacking, and sharing. You’ll find plates of local Bangs Island mussels in coconut tamarind sauce or Maine mushrooms with puffed rice in a fiery red-eye sauce, while specials like the Fall River Sandwich—a slab of wok-fried lo mein heaped onto white bread with broiled cheese —are fun takes on Asian American classics.

Whatever you order, it’s pretty impossible to have a bad time here: there’s the lush lighting, upbeat R&B that seems to change at the whim of the bartender, and brightly-colored decor that’s always giving warm weather vibes.

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