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Maps review image

PME Review


Maps is a basement bar on Market St. where you’ll find vintage furniture, a vinyl collection your dad would envy, and plenty of beer.

Izakaya Minato review image

PME Review

Izakaya Minato

Izakaya Minato on Washington Ave.’s menu includes sashimi, fried chicken, and udon for when you want Japanese food and are also being indecisive.

The Portland Hunt + Alpine Club review image

PME Review

The Portland Hunt + Alpine Club

We’re not sure whether to call the Portland Hunt & Alpine Club a bar or a restaurant, but fortunately this Scandinavian spot works well as either.

Eventide Oyster Co. review image

PME Review

Eventide Oyster Co.

Come to this small oyster bar for an excellent twist on the lobster roll and some of the best, most interesting takes on seafood in town.