Zig Zag BBQ

After eating at a bunch of cool Philly spots, you might notice that a lot of them have something in common: they love to pander. You’ll find the word “jawn” more times on these trendy restaurants’ menus than the word “entree,” and it’s almost a requirement that they make some kind of cheesesteak, roast pork sandwich, or incorporate long hots into a dish.

But Kensington BBQ spot Zig Zag somehow manages to be effortlessly cool and inherently Philly without any of these usual gimmicks. And they also happen to make some incredible smoked meat sandwiches and sides.

There are a few standouts from Zig Zag’s menu of BBQ options. The first is the brisket sandwich - or sammish, as they call it - that’s covered in queso and is so tender it falls apart in your mouth. It’s ridiculously messy, but it’s the best thing they serve. The “TurkEY TEaseR” (yes, that’s actually how they spell it) is the other sandwich that we’ve been writing about in our diary as if it’s our third-grade crush. It’s got juicy, smoky turkey breast, tangy slaw, pickles, and just enough chili oil to give it a kick. Add on a couple of sides, like the esquites or the Sichuan cucumber salad, and this is an excellent meal that’s quickly become our favorite new takeout option of the summer.

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photo credit: Rachel Lerro

Food Rundown

Zig Zag BBQ review image

Brisket Sammish

Tender brisket covered in creamy queso, on a bun. It’s simple, perfect, and it should be the first thing you order every time you come here.

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TurkEY TEaseR

We spent a lot of time trying to decode the random capitalized letters, so trust us, it’s a dead end. But we don’t care because this smoked turkey sandwich with tangy slaw, pickles, and a drizzle of chili oil is freaking delicious.

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Creamy, sweet corn in a cup is the perfect accompaniment to any of their sandwiches. Get a small for yourself, or a large and share with your roommates. Actually, better idea, just get a large and eat it for your next three meals.

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Sichuan Style Cuke Salad

When you decide you should probably add something healthy to your order, head for the cukes. They’re crisp, crunchy, coated in chili oil, and light enough to make you feel better about the enormous queso-covered sandwich you just inhaled.

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