Vientiane Bistro

This Kensington Ave. Lao spot is where you should come to catch up with some friends over some shrimp wontons, spicy tom yum soup, pan-seared tilapia, and some small plates from the very long menu. We always order their pad kee mao that mixes a spicy basil garlic sauce, broccoli, bell peppers, your protein of choice, and rice noodles in a stir fry. It’s a blend of flavors that works so well that we eat it in small forkfuls just to make the entire dish last longer. There’s nothing on the menu over $20 and they open as early as noon, so it can work as your go-to spot for a Thai iced coffee, casual lunch, or as a place to end your day at with a banana chocolate spring roll or sugary macaron.

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