Thirsty Dice

There are plenty of bars with pool tables, darts, and everything a coordinated person needs to prove they lettered in something during high school. It’s only fair that people with iffy hand-eye coordination get a spot to gloat about how they kept their “x” in Scrabble to destroy you. That’s where Fairmount’s Thirsty Dice comes in. Although it’s an all-day cafe, they have a full bar serving up classic cocktails, beers on tap, and even some boozy milkshakes. Whichever drink you choose, pair it with an order of the crunchy garlic parm wings and shrimp tacos with a cheesy elote breading before you hit the Monopoly board. There are over 80 games to choose from, so you’ll have plenty of options when you grab a comfortable spot in the corner and plan your night of domination.

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