The crust at Sally is made from sourdough, and it’s so soft they could serve it on its own like a free basket of bread and we’d be happy. The Center City spot usually only has around five pizzas on the menu, with at least two red and white options, but their clam and leek that comes with a grilled lemon is a standout. It’s like a citrusy clam chowder that’s surrounded by a crusty rim and we’d like to give it an award for filling the pizza-we’d-use-as-a–mental blanket void in our life. Come here to spend your night sipping on some natural wines, watching someone flip dough in the corner, and eating under a pink-bulbed chandelier. Sally even places reheating instructions on the to-go box, since they know their slices will be the first thing we think about when waking up in the morning.

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