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Pizza Shackamaxon in Fishtown is a casual place with a walk-up window that’s flanked by a handful of picnic tables. You can only get their thin-crust pizzas—unless you’re preordering four or more online—in-person and on the day of, and the slices are big enough to fill an entire plate, or hold with two hands. On most days, you’ll get to choose from plain, pepperoni, a thick tomato pie, and specialty slices like asparagus, sauteed radish, and ramp cream for $3-$5. No matter which you order, the slices are so big that you already feel pretty full after just one. But our favorite here is the tomato pie since the dough is soft and pillowy, and we’d happily eat the sweet and tangy sauce by the spoonful.  

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Any slice from Shackamaxon can spark more life into you than a cup of coffee, so head to this spot for pizza with perfectly charred dark dimple spots. We’re kind of happy you can’t get anything here on the delivery apps since waiting in line is part of the experience. Whenever you walk out with your order, everybody else in line gives you celebratory head nods as if to say, “Congrats, you just got some of the best pizza in the city.”

Food Rundown

Pizza Shackamaxon image

Pepperoni Pizza

Like all the pizza here, this slice comes showered with grated parmesan. And for us, the mix of the crunchy pepperoni, perfect grease pools, and extra cheese is one that would have us wearing a disguise just so we could get back in line and go over the six-slices-per-person limit.

Plain Slice

Lorenzo’s is known to have the biggest slice in town, but if we compared theirs and the one from Shackamaxon side-by-side, we’re not sure we could tell which one is bigger. Even if you have to use two hands, you can still appreciate this slice for its ideal sauce-to-cheese-ratio and the fact that it's overflowing with parmesan.

Pizza Shackamaxon image

Tomato Pie

The sweet tomato sauce that's layered on top of this slice is so savory, chunky, and juicy. And since the crust has a focaccia-like thickness, you’re free to bite into a slice with no fear of anything getting on your favorite Whitney Houston shirt.

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