Nora’s Kitchen

With Lorenzo and Sons and Rita’s nearby, you’ll usually find a crowd near 3rd and South looks like the one near the Swann Memorial Fountain on a summery day. But it’s Nora’s Kitchen–with their lineup of tacos, tortas, and burritos dripping in smoky habanero and salsa verde–that offers the best option on the busy corner. Everything they put on their house made corn tortilla here is excellent, including the shrimp, carnitas, and al pastor. And since they have plenty of vegan options like chorizo tacos made out of TVP (textured vegetable protein), it’s a fast and casual place where you can bring any of your friends when you want a laid-back spot that’s not near one of the busy bars on the street. Once you’ve had all the tacos, end your night with an order of churros. They’ll be the best thing you’ve eaten all day.

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