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Mexican in Fishtown


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Once we start looking at all of the tostadas, tacos, and street corn sides, we have a hard time not ordering every dish on Fishtown’s LMNO menu. But thanks to some great service that makes us feel like we have the celebrity status of The Candy Lady, we’ve consistently been guided to standout dishes like their loaded smoked tuna asada fries, baja fish tacos, and the verde aguachile that submerges kamapchi, shrimp, crab, melon, tomatillo, and jalapēno in a lime juice and chili blend.

When it comes to other highlights, go with the cucarachas (fried shrimp) that swim in a fiery sauce with a subtle masala flavor and the suadero tacos that come filled with hunks of tender, melt-in-your-mouth meat. The Mexican-inspired menu is perfect for your group of friends who love sharing everything or for a celebratory dinner when you finally find parking on Frankford Ave.

LMNO review image

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