Lipkin's Bakery

One step into this Northeast bakery and the whiffs of chocolate babka, warm rye fresh out of the oven, and almond danishes will hit you like the fragrance section at Macy’s–although we’re sure the department store has nothing that smells this good. Opened in 1975, this kosher shop is our go-to spot for cakes and pastries. They also have a ton of doughy knishes, including ones with cinnamon rice, cheesy pizza, and creamy spinach. 

Lipkin's is a good place to grab $4 rugelachs and a fresh cup of coffee before heading back to your covers on a lazy Saturday, or somewhere to pick up a last-minute Jewish apple cake when you remember that text about bringing dessert home for dinner. They also have rows of donuts and cinnamon buns that are essential for any day you leave the house and just want something sweet.