Kingston 11

You may encounter a line outside of Southwest Philly’s Kingston 11 that’s bigger than any crowd on the dance floor when “Candy” by Cameo drops at a wedding. That's because they serve things like delicious honey jerk wings, a jerk salmon rasta pasta that will have you reaching for a blanket, and other Jamaican dishes, like oxtails and chicken stew.

When you get to the counter, make sure you grab an order of oxtails and a side of mac and cheese. The oxtails have a bit of sweetness from the tamarind and a flicker of tanginess from the pimento berries, thyme sticks, and ginger they’re cooked in. As for the mac and cheese, it’s flowing with six mystery cheeses and we’re making it our life mission to uncover exactly which ones they use. Until then, we can tell you that this dish is creamy, smooth, and has us crossing a few parkways whenever we want some. 

If you’re not into getting a full platter and sides, they also have grab-and-go patties filled with beef, vegetables, and chicken that have smooth crusts and are almost 90% meat. The only day they’re closed is Sunday, so if you’re banking on a curry chicken run before watching the Eagles game, you’re out of luck. But on any other day where you need a bowl of mac and cheese, you can walk out with one of the most coveted foam trays in the city.

Food Rundown


These tender and braised oxtails are big and fatty, and the whole plate you get comes smothered in a sugary brown sauce. You get around six cuts of meat so you won’t need anything else to go with it. But if you do, they always come with a side of rice and one extra side of your choice to sweeten the pot.

Pepper Steak

The strips of beef are so big in this dish that we're surprised the lid on the container could actually close. The meat is super pepper with a honey glaze, and each bite is satisfyingly juicy.

Honey Jerk Wings

Smothered in a vinegary and a sweet sauce, the jumbo- sized sticky wings here will draw your attention more than a large dirt bike crew circling around City Hall. Plus, there’s no way you’ll walk past them in the display case and not order a few.

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