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Fred's Water Ice

Hours:SUNDAY09:00AM to 12:00AM

Water Ice is a deceptive dessert. Your mind knows it’s light and quick to melt so you start to ask, “How many more scoops can I get away with?” One spot with flavors that will make you want endless cups (especially since they have over 20 ) is West Philly’s Fred’s Water Ice. There’s nothing better than watching the scooper scrape through a tub of banana, fruit punch, grape, cocoa cream, and sour apple flavors, your cup getting stacked and then covered in frosty layers, and finally taking that first satisfying lick. And on days where you underestimate your water ice limit (which is rare), you can also get a warm funnel cake, a peppery hot sausage, or a creamy custard gelati topped with nuts and M&M’s.

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