Entree BYOB

Philly is a BYOB city, so even on this chaotic street, you’ll find a few good ones. But it’s Entree BYOB–with its seasonal menu full of dishes made from locally sourced ingredients–that stands out among the rest. With a dining room that’s cozy and only a handful of tables, you won’t escape overhearing the weekend plans of a couple on a date night or a table of a few friends talking about award shows in the chatty dining room. When it comes to the menu (outside of their $40 and $50 prefix options), you can expect a few pasta dishes like blue crab bucatini and sweet potato alfredo, a steak main, and a few seafood starters like fried calamari and shrimp coated in a scotch bonnet and mango glaze. Pick up some beers or your favorite red on the way, and have a meal in an intimate space that will make you feel more like you’re having dinner at your best friend’s house than in Center City. 

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