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El Purepecha

Hours:MONDAY11:00AM to 9:00PM

Humans love to drench things. We’re betting a lot of people exclusively order a plate of pancakes just to douse it in syrup,  and one of the best things about Thanksgiving is drowning our mashed potatoes, turkey, and stuffing in gravy. Callowhill’s El Purephecha takes it to the next level by packing homemade masa tortillas with things like chorizo or garlic shrimp and then smothering it all in a spicy rojo or peppery  salsa verde. Come to this Mexican spot after you’ve had a long day of emails or forgot to go grocery shopping and just want  a night of seafood tostadas, al pastor tacos, enchiladas, and grilled steak quesadilla dripping with crema. It’s easy to get a reservation at the last minute as well, so the only thing standing between you and rounds of strawberry margaritas is deciding if you want them frozen or not.

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