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The Philadelphia TV & Takeout Guide

Where to order from, and what to watch: 10 ways to do dinner and a (TV) show right.

10 Spots
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10 Spots
Launch Map

If you’re like us, right now your evenings revolve around two main questions: what to eat, and what to watch. Because let’s face it, there isn’t much else to do, and there are at least 20 different streaming services at your disposal with thousands of great (and some not-so-great) shows. So we’re here to make sure you’re doing dinner and a (TV) show right. Below, you’ll find our picks for great delivery, and the perfect show to pair with it.

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The spots (and shows)

Middle Child

$$$$ 248 S 11th St

Show Pairing: Too Hot To Handle (Netflix)

“Watching Too Hot To Handle requires profound courage and hopefully weed. But once you’re locked in, Netflix’s dumbest reality show will fill a hole in your heart you didn’t know you had. Here’s the pitch: a group of hot people get shipped off to an island bungalow to flirt and cohabitate, only to be informed that their $100,000 winnings will go away if they have sex with one another. That’s it. That’s really the whole show. And considering Middle Child can turn ingredients like cold turkey and mayonnaise into sex symbols, their Shopsins Club sandwich is really the only thing you should be ordering while you hate/love watch this horrific spectacle of human life.” - HA

Triangle Tavern

$$$$ 1338 S 10th St

Show Pairing: Ozark (Netflix)

“Ozark is kind of like if 24 and Uncut Gems had a baby. Each episode is a little more stressful than the one before it, and you never have any idea how Jason Bateman is going to get out of whatever money-laundering, drug-lord-adjacent situation he’s found himself in. The show centers around a lakeside Missouri town where one of Bateman’s main money laundering projects is the local tavern, and every time they’re at the bar I immediately start craving a Triangle Tavern burger. It’s big, juicy, only $10, and it’ll make you feel a little like you’re at the Blue Cat - without the millions of dollars hidden in the walls.” -SM

The Dutch

$$$$ 1527 S 4th St

TV Show Pairing: Parks & Recreation (Netflix or Hulu)

“In Season 3 of Parks & Recreation, there’s an episode entitled “The Fight” that I’ve watched about a hundred times, usually when I’m very hungover. It’s 22 minutes of perfection built around a fictional liquor called “Snake Juice,” and shows every main character plastered from said spirit along with the aftermath of it the next day. What does this have to do with The Dutch? Well, there’s probably no single restaurant I’ve been hungover at more than this place. And while it might not be open right now, they’re currently collab-ing with Fond for takeout, which includes a bacon breakfast hoagie that we - you, myself, Ron in a tiny hat, Janet Snakehole, and Burt Macklin - can all agree does the body well after a Friday or Saturday night featuring too much Snake Juice. Or, any day really. What is time anymore?” -MB


$$$$ 2204 Washington Ave

Show Pairing: Undone (Prime)

“How many times has a show that you randomly decide to watch been good? It’s basically as rare as a basketball player with a foot injury having a successful career - for every Joel Embid there are hundreds of Greg Odens. But I Trusted The Process and started Undone, an animated show about a 28-year-old girl named Alma who discovers she can bend time after almost dying in a car crash. The show surprised me - the animation feels super lifelike, not cartoonish at all, and Bob Odenkirk plays a crazy physicist and dead father. After the first couple of episodes, I got a similar feeling to the first time I had the porchetta at Porcos. The sandwiches sounded good, but after trying “The Spicy Porker” with pickled long hots, and their version of a Cubano on focaccia, I was fully blown away. Like any person who thinks they themselves discovered something, I will not stop bothering you until you give both Porcos and Undone a shot.” -CM

Bondfire Media

Bud & Marilyn's

$$$$ 1234 Locust St

Show Pairing: Mad Men (Netflix)

“I just rewatched Mad Men all the way through and liked it so much more the second time around. Maybe it’s because I’m older and wiser now than I was when I watched it in college, or maybe it’s because quarantine has made me so freaking nostalgic for “simpler times.” Sure, those simpler times in this case include tons of problematic politics, family dynamics, and a whole lot of alcoholism, but at least they could hang out in the same room together. If there’s one place in Philly that reminds me of the ’60s aesthetic and TV dinners, it’s Bud & Marilyn. Even though I can’t hang out there, sip an Old Fashioned, and pretend I’m Don Draper, I can still order mac and cheese and a corn dog, and watch Peggy outperform every man on the show” -SM


$$$$ 4301 Baltimore Ave

Show Pairing: Chopped Junior “Pizza Party” Episode (Hulu)

“Apologies to your friends, but none of the cooking content on your social media is as fun as the “Pizza Party” episode of Chopped Junior. The simple reason being that none of it involves 11-year-olds Peggy and Allie draping linguini alfredo onto an English muffin pizza and trying to figure out what to do with Norwegian gjetost cheese. These likely-over-pressured kids are sweet to each other in a way that you never see from the adult reality contestants, and watching them marginally f*ck up pizza will only make your takeout pies from Clarkville taste even better. Plus, the guy from Epic Meal Time is one of the judges, which will really make you think about the trajectory of his career.” -HA

Alexandra Hawkins


$$$$ 1625 Sansom St

Show Pairing: Bojack Horseman (Netflix)

“I normally hate adult cartoons. I never got into The Simpsons, Family Guy makes me feel dumber (is that the point?), and the humor in South Park just doesn’t register with me. But Bojack has become one of my all-time favorite shows for its clever yet absurd comedy mixed with serious and oftentimes beautiful storylines. Take for example the episode “Chickens,” which critiques the food processing industry while, in the same breath, following around an escaped, genetically-modified chicken named Becca who’s being chased by Officer Meow Meow Fuzzy Face. It’s funny, it’s sad, and it really makes you think (about something that isn’t pandemic-related). While I’m not a vegetarian or vegan in the slightest, I did spend the week after I first saw this episode eating almost exclusively Dizengoff hummus. And now that they just reopened for takeout, I’m going to order some vegetable-topped hummus tehina immediately.” -SM


$$$$ 1754 S Hicks St

Show Pairing: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (Netflix)

Comedians In Cars is an immensely comforting show to watch. There’s a ton of replay value, and each episode is only 15 minutes, making it easy to convince yourself it’s OK to turn one on before going to bed. Next thing you know, it’s been an hour and you’ve seen Sebastian Maniscalco tell jokes while eating a giant Italian sandwich and heard Melissa Villaseñor talk about poking a guy’s plumber’s crack, all while Jerry Seinfeld cracks up and still manages to safely drive a car. A meal from South Philly Indonesian spot Hardena provides me with just about the same amount of comfort. Each plate, filled with hearty dishes like beef rendang or stewed collard greens in coconut milk, costs less than $15 and will most likely stretch over two meals. Just like Seinfeld’s show, a meal from Hardena is one that you’ll want to return to over and over again.” -CM

Kerry McIntyre

Circles + Squares

$$$$ 2513 Tulip St

Show Pairing: I Think You Should Leave (Netflix)

“My favorite part about I Think You Should Leave is that you can watch all six episodes in a little over an hour and a half. You could easily binge the entire thing in one sitting, preferably while eating a really good pizza. Considering the Detroit-style square pie from Circles & Squares is the best in the city - that’s the one you want. Eat it straight from the box while watching Tim Robinson ask a waiter to chastise his date for taking all the “fully-loaded” nachos, and don’t be surprised if you end up integrating the entire script into your daily vocabulary.” -SM

Han Dynasty

$$$$ 3711 Market St

Show Pairing: The West Wing (Netflix)

“Just for one night, let’s pretend we’re all living under the co-presidential rule of Josiah Bartlet and Han Chiang. In combination, The West Wing’s walk-and-talks and Han Dynasty’s dry pepper chicken will let you live in a fake world where democracy and spicy food reign supreme, and everything is temporarily under control (if only for a few hours).” - HA

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