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The Best Dumplings In Philly

Where to go when you want delicious dumplings.

Since there’s almost nothing more comforting than an order of warm dumplings, why not gift yourself some that are steamed, pan-fried, or filled with broth? Philly has a huge range of places where you can find them—including everything from soup dumplings and Korean mandoo to Georgian khinkali, Tibetan tingmo, and Afghan ashak. But these 13 are the best around.


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Unit Su Vege


2000 Hamilton Street # 106, Philadelphia
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Spring Garden’s Unit Su Vege is a rare place—they only serve vegetarian and vegan versions of Chinese classics. One of our favorites on their menu is the “shrimp” dumplings, which have a similar taste to that of imitation crab. The soft and chewy dumplings have a nice hint of crispness from the ginger, a nutty flavor from the bamboo shoots, and can be ordered for takeout or delivery online.

Head to Northeast Philly for an order of dumplings that will leave you questioning if your eyes are bigger than your stomach. The massive khinkali at Georgian Bread come packed with a soupy spiced beef, pork, and herb filling. Navigating through the eating process may be more work than getting your SEPTA key card to read on its first swipe, but it’s worth it since each dumpling has a great mix of heat and flavor in each bite.

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You know how BMW has seven series of the same car? The higher the number, the bigger it is and the more features it has. Well, the golf-ball-sized vegetarian siu mai at Chinatown’s Nom Wah is the 7 Series of dumplings. They’re a little bigger than most standard siu mai and have a filling that gets an earthy flavor from the shitake mushrooms and a nice kick from the ginger and scallions. They almost look like flowers in their presentation, and they have a great color from the yellow lining and mix of vegetables.

photo credit: Dim Sum Factory

Dim Sum Factory - Krewstown review image

Dim Sum Factory - Krewstown

Head to Dim Sum Factory in Northeast Philly for some incredibly savory soup dumplings. They’re perfectly chewy and have the meat-to-broth ratio down to a science. It’s also a BYOB, so it’s a great option for a casual weeknight dinner with a group of friends and a few bottles where you can eat your weight in spicy chicken and crab soup dumplings.

Each soft parcel of dough in the steamed crab and pork soup dumpling from Tom’s Dim Sum is bursting with flavor. The crab is well-seasoned and spicy, and the dumpling skins are slightly chewy, making these some of the best soup dumplings in the city. And since they’re near Reading Terminal Market, you can grab an order, plus dessert, and head back to the couch for the rest of the day.

There are a few things that motivate us to drive to New Jersey: cheaper gas and not having to pump it, the shore, and the dumplings at Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao. The Cherry Hill spot has some of the best pan-fried and soup dumplings in our neck of the woods. When you want range, go with the colorful assortment called “The Lucky 6,” which comes with a sampling of six different filling options like black truffle, scallop, and chicken. No matter which way you go, each bite will be tender, send a waft of fragrant steam straight to your face, and will be worth the toll.

Dim Sum Garden is a tightly-packed Shanghai-style spot in Chinatown known for its steamed pork soup dumplings. In many ways, it’s like every dim sum spot in the neighborhood–dumplings are the most notable things on the menu, lots of sizzling meat or fried rice options, and the entrees are under $20. But the soup dumplings are a must-order: you can expect a wrapper that’s soft and chewy, an ideal pork-to-broth balance, and a satisfying whiff of steam coming off the entire order.

photo credit: Nicole Guglielmo

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Sansom Kabob House



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This Washington Square West corner shop serves up tasty Afghan dishes like spicy lamb in garlic, but it’s their ashak dumplings that keep us coming back. From the flavorful garlic and tomato sauce to the hint of mint in the yogurt dressing, the tender scallion dumpling has the perfect blend of spices. And you don’t need to worry about how to sop up the dumpling’s peppery sauce—each order comes with three pieces of Afghan bread.

Things aren’t simple at Bella Vista’s Wokano—there are more dumpling choices than coupons attached to a CVS receipt. Even though you’ll want to try them all, the seafood crystal dumpling is the one you should order. With a paper-thin skin that clings to the filling like your t-shirt does after you get stuck in the rain, you’ll see the color of the crab, shrimp, and vegetables peeking through. These soft and chewy dumplings are both savory and sweet, and you get a blend of mild oniony spice in each bite.

The skin on the steamed fan kor at China Gourmet is so translucent, it might have you questioning if you somehow picked up x-ray vision. The plump and juicy dumplings at this popular Mayfair spot come in orders of three and are filled with scallions, bamboo shoots, ground pork, and shitake mushrooms. The tasty and juicy filling gives the dumpling not only a crunchy texture but a spicy one as well.

photo credit: Nicole Guglielmo

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Dump-N-Roll is a food truck with the motto when in doubt, make it into a dumpling. You can find Dump-n-Roll all around the city (check their Instagram for weekly locations), and you should—especially for the “Ooey-Gooey Mac Roll,” shrimp scampi ravioli, and grannie’s pierogi (yes, they’re all on the same menu). If you’re craving a cheeseburger, try the “Holy Phuck Wonton.” Served with a honey bourbon bbq sauce, it’s the kind of dumpling that will have you feeling full after just eating a few.

The half-moon shaped mandoo dumplings at Seorabol Center City are deep-fried, packed with spicy kimchi and beef, and come with a sweet-salty-gently-spicy house dipping broth. The golden dumplings are so undeniably good that you’ll put in an order for a few more faster than you hit the snooze button on Monday morning.

The aromatic and crispy beef potstickers at Center City's Ninja Bao give you the best of both worlds—soft insides and a crunchy exterior. And whether you order it as is or get a trio with an extra kick of spice, the meat is always tender and juicy.

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